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'96 Itis give a social atGranger's Tuesday. Dr. J. L. Rose spenf. last week in Detroit. Mr. D. A. MacLachlan is visiting in Detroit. The Keystone Club spent Sunday at Zukey Lake. Mr. an'l Mp. H. J. Brown were in Detroit Monday. Mrs. Gdorge Morris visited Detroit frieiniR Mondny. Dr. F. V. Mann, of Detroit, was in the city recently. Miss M y Cooley will recive Friday, June 9, from 4 to 7. There will be a Germán at Prof. Deramon'ii Fiiday night. Dr. S. H.irtley is conflned to her house with severe illness. Prof. Hench sails on Jane 25 on the for Europp. Mr. Jay Taylor i;s rnuking a hit in Detroit in his opera role?. Kir. and Jlr, A. W. Hamilton leave tomorrow ft" Chicsgo. Mre. J. D. Clark and Mrs. S. Holliday have removed to Detroit. Miss Katitï Diinham, of Jackson, is the guebt of Miss Katie Burna. Prof.and Mr?.Mi'Liughlin will eail for Enrope on the Germania July 5. The E Astr,o jrave one of their pleasant parties at Granger's Friday night. Mrs. P.'ttee nntertained the King's Daughtera laat Saturday afternoon. Mr. G. P. Learnard spent a faw days lately at Napoleon with bis parents. Mr. Edwin Mack, of Detroit spant Siiuday with nis parents in tliis city. JIr. Geo. Dygert has rt-turned to Chicago Monday after a brief visit home. Miss Anna Robinson, of Detroit Iihr been the guest of Miss Elizibeth D.' i. l-. Ernest Perry, of Bay City, spent las-t Sunday with bis parents in tliis city. Mre. F. II. Riley and Mrs. ída Eveland have ione to Pontiac for the week. Mrs, M'itley's Clnb enjoyed b dancing party at Niekel's Hall, Saturda evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Goodyear and Mm. L. Comatock have gone to the World's Mr. and Mr?. W. G. Doty ait,end(d a Masonic gathering ia Bay City wff-k. Mrs. E. A. Rockford, oT San D'ppio, !■ sister, Mrs. G. E. Peters. ür. Piiilif. Beck,of Sicinaw, is viii's parents, Mr. and J. Bck. Mr. and Mrs. H. Henderson, of Cleveland have been visiting Ann Arbor frienda. Mrs. J. A. Dell and Misa Hazel are ing relatives in Müan and Macón this w Mr. G. D. Suhaffer and danghter, Anna, ba to spend a few kf. Mr. and Mrs. !I. Bmister have retutned Ironi a visit to iheir duughter at Bunfleld, O. Mrc. C. L. Romiiigpr and üauahtfr, MiseMary Romingei left Saturday for Uie ezpoaitiou. Mr?. Pbilbrick, of Hlly, who lias been vis tirg Mr-. Ha lock, returned to her huijiu SatUTday. M.r. and Mn. D. C Johnson, of Wutevlief, are visiting theír daugh er, Mï8. X. H. VVadbaui-. Miss Bertba Eiseumann, of Monroe, spent Siinilaj' wiih lier brother, Heniy Eisenmann of i bi i citj . Dr. and Mra. C. U. W its n. of I. infi", í I Siturday anti Sunday wiih Ann Arbor lei .M'ss Lucy Clute of ih ■ tural ;e Client i fw days vi : I I rii ■ Mr. and Mrs. A. 'i'. II il :, of Detroit, are visiting Mr. and Mra ('. Bli ■, Mr. Hill's parents lor a few ? f. The I. Christian Ma'k ihis iii ri oon Mr. n(i Mrs. D. K. Detroit, are Mrs. A. P. F ■ ' k. Mrs. II.. I. K ,tv by the ..t her mol lier, Dr. s. II ley. Misa Mildred Hin ned i li" K ippH O p fancydret Mr. J. II er's i. M'. Paul Snauble ( in i 'han' i.i the M rhigan rurni Mis M.H.W lker.Mi" 8 u wre in i i! ing the Brst of Hi ;j . iutn. Mrs. J. Clurk of Cornwell Place is entertaimnir Mr?. i: . ion of Lu au Mrs. Dr. Hawyer and daughter ui Monroe. e Bowell, of Chic itnme t 'bis Hgth I II. O. B rney. The ' rive a very evoii q to " l'he Tb1 C.i). ■ hw He ar iv. ■! F r A.Dd i e w ■ ' i L'U ■ Of I' ■ !; . II1 ixli tal the World'a Fair. Prof. H. S. Carhart has been designated by Secretary Gresham as one of the five oflicial representalives of the U. S. at the eleetrical congress held n Chicago in August. Mr. and Mrs. Israel Kuehne and daughter, Mr?. Christian Fritz, Mrs August Baldwin, Mr. Jacob Sehaeffer and daughter and Miss Mary Fritz. left for a (en dajb' visit to the World's Fair. Mrs. Geo. H. Brooks, of Saginaw, who was visiting Mrs. E. H. VVeidmann, received a dispatch from her husband Iliat Iheir reaidence had been burned in the recent fire. She left for home Mondav. Dr. E. E. Hagler, assistant to Dr. Darrow, will remove to S,)rinüeld, III., ahortly, to practice hia profession. It ia rumored that before the commencernent season arrivés he will have juined the ranks of the Benedicta. Prof. and Mre. A. C. MicLaughlin leave Friday evening for Uhicaao to visit the World's Fair. Prof. Waltere will probably travel in eompany. Prof W. K. Clement leaves Fridav for a brief visit n Chicago and Lake Forest, III. Monday Evening Mr. and Mrp. R, Kempf eelebrnted their lOth Wedding aniversary at which they entertained at their residence on S. División B. the mnmbers of the Lyra, the A. A' Zither C;ub and a few other friends. Tne Lyra presented their director and Mre. Kemnf wild a liandsome banquetlamp, the Zither Club with an elegant r.cker. Every one present expressed himself as having sj ent a most delighifull evemng.


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