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In the May number of the Book Bnyerthe regular London correspondent, JAshby-Sterry writes of the new edition of "The Diary of Samuel Pepys" by Kenry B. Whetley, and has considerable to say about the word Pepys, the pronunciation of which has beeu Rn unsettled question for the last three hundred years. The Bookbuyer ; $1.00 a year. - Charles Scribner's Sons, Publishers, New York, N. Y. Richard Harding D-ivis's series of Mediterranean articlesis begun in the last number of Harper's Weekly, published May 17th. The flrst paper is entitled 'The Rock of Gibralter," and is profusely illustrated. The same number of the Weekly contains among other notable features, an article entitled"Characterietic Sketches of the German Army," written by an American officer and illustrated by Remington. - Harper Bros., N. Y. The Arena for May contains a fine frontispiece, a portrait of Louise Chandler Moulton and an articla from her pen entitled "Four Strange True Stories." Other articles of especial interest are: "An American School of Sculpture," by Mr. Ordway Partridge, a series of Social and Economie Problems, such as "Railway Tarriffs," "How to Introduce the Initiative and Referendum1' and "Women Wage-Earnere." This number also bas the closing argumenis in the Bacon-Shakespeare Controversy, by Ignatius Donnelly and Prof. Fel;x Schelling.- The Arena Pub. Co.,Boston, Mass The Exhibition Number of Scribner's Magazine is the contribution which the conductors of that periodical make to the great Exhibition at Chicago. They have planned to malie it as fine an example of an American magazine as can be produced. It is put forth as a representative number to show the literary, artistic and mechanical resources that are employed in such a publication, and is fully representative of the individual writers who have made the existence of a great magazine possible. The illustrations are of extraordinarv abundanceand richness,including twenty-five full pages, two of them in colors, the frontispiece being a reproduction of a pastel by Robert Blum. - Charles Scribners Sons, New York, N. Y. Recent issues of Littell's Living Age present the same interesting variety of hiBtoric, literary and scientific matter that has characterized its contents from the beginning. The recent appearance of a new history of ihe Waterloo campaign has awakened a renewed interest on that subject, so, in Xo. 2548, we find two articles, one entitled "The Inner Hibtory of the Waterloo Campaign," by Arch. Forbes, the famous war correspondent; the other, "A Contemporary Letter on the Battle of Waterloo." In blography No.2549is given an extremely interesting sketch of the eminent Christian Philosopher and Scientiat, recently deceased, Sir Richard Owen, F. R. S., while in No. 2448 we have a delightful contribution by Austin JJobeon, on"Silas Told: Mariner and Methodist," elaver and saint, a unique and extraordinary character, a contemporary of Wesleyand Whitefield. A specimen copy may be obtained by sending 15 ets. to the publishers, Littell & Co., 31 Bedford-st., Boston.


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