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Twelve leading loeomotive vvorks in this country built 1,703 locomotivas in 1892, against 1,963 in 1891. Forty-eight of the principal car faetones turned out 93,393 freight cara last .war. Eighteen hundrrd and ninety was the year of maximum production so far. i;o;yfanM s HÉg i-eutly emtiodied in papers pTTTTTÍTpTTTrM r; ml ly Prof. V MoetfgESUULUu_UUJ Moorhoof belitre the !■ ynl auu .ui(.eu.a A.ouciution of Physiciiinsof Vienna, namely:ïhai as the ccll elementa in canror have mueh lss vitality than thew of sound flesh. it 1s pawible to attaiktbem without iDja-inj; surrounding hralthy eells, or the general wellbeing of the patieiit. The remedies employed atHornellsville,a!tliough a harmless as thoseof Vieniin, aro lar more effective- whiilJy removing the odor oí the grnwth trlthm twenty-K ur hour, and causlne the distased tissue to surink to a hard. dry escnar until it is cinwded out by healthy heallrjg graimlatioiis. There is no poultteing or sloughiug, no runulnü sores or foul odore. It ia the ouly knuwn meth il that reaches and expela every can 'erous óelL For references and other information address the re ident pliypician, jr.H.lÊtlOBtiIiI,,m I„ HomellvUle,N. T.


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