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f ". ral 5 fx 8 THE BEST JBLOOD PURSFIER IN THE WORLD. Sj WHY SUFFER withthat chroni;: . "gdisease? Do you want to d ie ? Si t phur Bitters will euro you as it baa jf thousands. , Wuï do you suffer uith that. & i - ■- ■ wniwniECT'f - FOUL, OFFENSIVE BREATH ? ' Tou need not if you use Sulphui R ' Bitters. They never fail to euro. Operativos who are closelyconiined . in the milis and workshops; clerks i I who do not have suffident exercisc, "' and all who are confined isdoors, , f should use Sulphur Bitters. Thcy k , will not then be WEAK AND S1CKLyT ' B- - - - - B- Wft Is your Breath impure. Tour fv. J Stomach is out of order. Sulphur Bitters is the best medicine to take. L Sulphur Bitters will build you up T t and make you p ' STRONQ AND HEALTHY. lp At the dawn of womanhood, 1 1 phur Bitters should be used. fc Scrd 3 2-ccnt stampa to A. P. Orchvay & Co., Ujtitii,JUtóS.,Lurbestiuedkiaworkpublkln;a BEST LINE CHICAGO and ST LOUIS TO STRAUL ANO ilNNÊAPOLII WÈÈÈÊÈÊm: It Cures Coldi. Ooughs. Sore Throat, Cronp, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma. A certain oure for Consumption in first stages, and a iure relief in advanced stage. "Use at once. You will see the excellent effect after Uking the first dose. Sold by dealers everywher. Larye bottlea 50 cents and $1.00. _ An Indian Outbreak is a dreadful thing - . undoubtedly caused by the irritating effects of dirt. Outbreaks, and crime generally, are never possible among people who are addicted to the use of HiRRS AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP The great soother of angry passions - the promoter of health and goodfeeling. Cleans everything - injures nothing- don't be af raid to use KIRK'S Soap on the most delicate fabrics. JAS. S. KIRK Sc CO., Chicago. tosky Diamond TarSoaj) A -KASg"J1IKHIK)11 l fe'uuaÜiív4vABDOTJFO r tC W L VmxAS" 3&K, l. ANÍ StCBVt IM RETURN 3)M!MK!t jöB. fÜalMFORtUTION REOARDIMCr AWWIUIU ZSBfcé Tnt fiNtsr fijnmo rejortj im muhhtm 'r'WJi Jnt N0R'TttWKT Wu (ÉW eJAS-CPOND SSm Affl'fv CmtAÖO.lLL '■ ilË Oen-I tosí Trft AtíT. K iilS WtóCONSlNCENTKLÜfia . j 4 SCIENTISTS pril i HvsTciAws ;;"tal f RECOMMEHB 3 '...,t W MEREDITH'S t PURE MALT i - FOB ALL T t Pulmonary and Bronchial Complaints. f Á A Stlmulant and tonic without A y ranted Cftemícaíij Pwre. Sold by all Druggiata. w É G. W. MEREDITH & CO.( Sole Props. f BAST LIVERPOOL, OH1O.


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