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RossmaT&Tsch I cabry a fcll link cp Stoves and Hardware TINWARE, TOOLS, PUMPS PIPE-FITTING, PAINTS, ETC., ETC. All first-class articles at the lowest pnces. We can sell as cheap as any place, for we have small expense and and are both practical workmen. Come and see us at No. 7 West Liberty Street. __GROSSMAN &. SCHLENKER. TcTscoTTr DEALER IX KEELEY 1SLAND AND WHITE Hair Calcined Piaster, Loulsville and Portland Cementa. Office and Warerooms in the FINJJECJAN BI.O4K, trolt-st. Anu Arbor, JIih. Notice.- We are the only flrm that handles the genuine Keeley Island Lime in this city. ET A TICKET OF W. F. LODHOLZ 4 AND 6 BROADWAY And you are entitled to a choice of the HOME INSTRUCTOR, LIFE OF GEN. SHERMAN, OR TUK LIFE OF P. T. BARNUM When Cash purchase to the amount of $15.00 has been made. The Home Instructor, Large Octavo, 47 pages, illustr&ted. A compendium of useful kuowledge necessary for the practical uses of every day life. A complete and perfect guide to 11 e in public and private. The lAfe and Deetfs ol Oen. W. T. ■herman, Crown Octavo, 568 pages, illustrated, A graphic narrative of his boyhood and early llfe, education, career in Florida and California, military achievements, life as a cltizen, last siekness and death; with flne steel portiait. The I.ire or I. T. llariiiiin. The World Renowned Showman, Crown Octavo, 520 pages, illustrated. His early life and struggles, bold veutures and brilliant success ; his wonderful career, his wit, genius and eloquence, bis life as a citizen. etc.- to which is added his famous book, TM' Art of Mnney GtttlnE LÜMBER! LUMBER ! LUMBER ! If you contémplate building cali at FBRDON Lumber M Jorner Fourth aid Depot Ste., at d get our flarur; s for all kinds oi LÜMBEK We manufacture our own Lumbe and ruarantee VERY LOW PRIOES. -Ivf asacHllitiid we wlll makelt M mmr lutereHt, anoHr lnrse nnil nell (rn!el tock fully antainK onr mierJAMK TOI.BEBT, rrcp. r. J. Krr.Oll.8apt. HAMILTON'S INSURANCE. Real Estáte Loan gency. No. 2 Hamilton Block, FIRNT J'MIIIR. Partios desirinR to buy or sell Real Est&te wlll flnd lt to the'.r advantage to cali on me. I represent ten First-Class Fire Insurance Cos. Bates Low, Losses Promptly Adjusted and Promptly Faid. 1 also issue LIFE INSURANCE P0L1CTES in the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co. Kf One Huudred Lots in Ha;ailton P tion for sale. Office Houbs- 8 a. m. io 12 M., and 2 to S t. m. A. W. HAMItTOS. ■BI VÜSTOPPED FREE Insane Parsom Restoretf H Dr.KLINE 6BSAT jbfc ■ ■ NerveRe8torer fíMSr OBRAIN Sc Nervb DisASBS. Only ntrê ' eurt or JVervt Afféctumt. Füt, EHitfsy, tt. ■ INFALLIBLB f taken u direcled. AO FUt mttr JÊkjSKItd?y' ■ Treatise mi $ -ijrial bottlc frce to 'JU Fit ["3tieutt, they iaying espresi charges on bo whcri 19 rcceired. S:ud naioc, F. ad ciurcst 4drcss oí ■ ffilcted to IJK.KLINE.93i Arch St.,rhiUJílpítf.F. Soc Drufu[uu. BUiVAlUi OF 1MJTAT1NQ FRAUDS+


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