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The Maccabees eiecled officers and held a banquet last evening. Mr. August Tessmer rejoice3 in the arrival of a baby girl at his place. Miss Sager expects to put up a new brick block this sumraer on her lot on State-st. _. Regular montly inspection last evening of Co. A., M. S. T., with a business meeting afterward. The T. & A. A. shops have put on a night bree and will keep the shops busy day and night. The Presbyterian church has bought Dr. MacLachlan's resideuce on S. Division-st for a parsonage. Therewill be a unión meeting of the Christian Endeavor societies next Sunday evening at the Presbyteiian church. Prof. A. A. Stanley has been invited to become the director of the new Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and inay ac cept. "The Apple and the Serpent or the Fal! of Man" will be the topic of thj next Sunday evening lecture at the M. E. church. Smith, a brakeman on the T. & A. A., had bis hand smashed while coupling in the yards at tbis place last VVednesday night. Much attention was attracted last week by the case of Francis Gould charged with incest. He was acquited by the jury after a four hour's se6sion. On account of agreat amount of work the faculty concert of the School of Music, to have been given May 25, at Newberry Hall, will be postponed to June 8. Three year old Wdlter Lutz was nearly sniothered in the vault of an outhouse Monday. Hls cties attracted some children who called his raother to the rescue. Tlie child was in up to his neck. Saturday afternoon the uarelessness of a switchman caused several freight cars in the T.&A.A. yards to be run down an embankment, some fifteen cars to be run off the track and the track to be torn up for 6everal rods. No one injured. A physical culture exhibition was given at the High School building last Friday afternoon by childreu irom the various ward schools. Many people were present and enjoyed the very thorough way in which the various drills were gone through with. Dr. Vaughan reports that the Waukesha water on the World's Fair grounds is the same kind as the familiar mineral water of the same name It is remarkable for its great purity. It is taken to the World's Fair grounds in pipes from Waukesha, Wis. The people out Spring-st way have become mnch disgusted at the manner n which the streeta are blocked b? the T. & A. A. freight trains. Friday last James Carroll, the yardmaster was brought before Justice Pond on a charge of violating the ordinance covering that matter. Mr. Robert Turner of Saginaw, who loBt his life in the recent conflagaration there, was at one time a resident of tb is county, and was the father of Mrs. E. A. Spence and of Mrp. W. W. Whedon of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Whedon and Mr. and Mrs. Spence were in Sagito attend his funeral. The annual memorial Sunday occurs May 28th. It will be observed by services at the First Baptist chureh, Rev. A. S. Carman, pastor. It is expected that Welch Post (i. A. R., the VVoman's Relief Corps, The Sons of Veterane, and Co. A, lst Regt.,M. S. T., will attend in a body, at the chnrch at 10:30 a. m. Hon. W. L. Wilson, of W. Va., arrived in Ann Arbor yesterday afternoon. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon boys secured his assistanre at the exercises of the laying of the corner stone of their mew residence which they are building across from the athletic field, in the Hamilton addition. This evening Mr. Wilson will address the Democratie Club. The regenta appropriated $400 for grading and sodding the hospital grounds, and gave Prof. Freer $103 for chemical apparatus. They also deeided to establish a practice court for the law department - a much needed iraprorement. Much time was spent looking for a location for the new administration building. There is a strong feeling for two buildings; one for recitation rooms and another for administration purpoaes. The lattir will probably stand on the north-west corner of the campus. At the Unitarian church next Saturday, May 27, occurs the annual meeting of the Detroit branch of the associationof colleniate alumnae, witb its Ann Arbor members and friends. After a business meeting at 10:30 a. m. and luncheon at Harris Hall, there will be given at 2 p. m. a public programme to which all are welcome. Papers will be read on: Household Sanitation, Scientific Cookery and Household Economics, the whole to be followed by a geneal discussion. College women and all interested in these subjects are cordially invited. There was a lively blazs at ttie agricuUural works last Thursday morning, about three o'clock, inflictine a damage of several hundred dollars. The quick and efficiënt work of the fire department prevented the fire from spreading to some woóden buildings where great damage would have been done. The boys earned a big clink of their salary that night. Mrs. Srah Ann Owen, widow of the late Samuel Owen.died Sunday afternoon at her home on Plum-st. Her funeral occurred Tuesday afteinoon the Rev. C. M. Cobern officiatine. She was bom in New York state in 1820, coming to Michigan in 1843. She ha? lived on Plum-st for 25 years. Four children survive her ; one son in northein Michigan, anoiher in Illinoip, and the Misíus Mary and Emma Ilutchinson of this city. The Presbyterian church people expect to have a chorus choir next year and the trustees unaniuaously have requested Mr. Alvin Wilsey to undertake the management. This is a most fortúnate selection for the arduous du ies connected with that position. Mr. Wilsey has a record of twenty-two years of 6uccessful management in one place; an experience with a church choir that would qualify him for almost any position in the U. S. diplomatic service as wel] as for the place offeied him by the Presbyterian church. A mob at Durand on Saturday night held up two T. & A. freight trains. Pins were taken from the cars, some were thrown at the trainmen, othos thrown away, and the track was greased. As soon as S n pi. Conners learned of the affair he started for Durand on a special. Sheriff Jacobs was taken on board at Corunna. ffm. G. Perry, a saloon keeper, was arrested for puiling pins, and Otto Olsted, a C. and G. T. Srtitchman, was arrested for throwinu a switch uuder a T. & A. A. train. Other arrests will probably follow. The cases will be tried in the U.


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