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Darling Vs. Walker

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The Repu bliran i i'ouvciitiou. The Republican city convention t place a ticket in the field for the spring electro i,which will be held on Monday convened in the court house on Satur day evening at 8:30. W. J. Booth was elected chairman and Selby A. Moran, secretary.. Evart H. Soott, C. E. Hiscock and H. M. Tabor wore appointed a committee on eredentials. Junius E. Beal placed the name of Dr. C. G. Darling in nomination for mayor. lie said with Dr. Darling at the head of the ticket, the Republicans would win. N. D. Covert presented the name of Warren E. Walker in a brief speech. An informal ballot was taken which resulted as follows: 57; Walker 32. On the formal ballot Darling roceived 55 and Walker 33 votes. A motion was then made to make the nomination of Dr. Darlino; unanimous.whk-h carried. C. E Hiseock nominated L. D. Wines for president of the council. A vote was taken with the following result: L. D. Winea 73, A. C. Shumacher 7 and Sedgwick Dean 1. HISPUBLICAN WAKD NOM1NAT1ONS. First Ward- Supervisor. .). Ii. Miner; alderman, P. L. Bodmer; constable, Wm. E. Eldert. Second Ward - Supervisor, John Sehmid ; alderman, Michael Grossman ; constable, Fred Huhn. Third Ward- Supervisor. J. J. Pisher : alderman, A. R. Peterson; constable, Jasper Imus, sr. Fourth Ward- Supervisor, Geo. H. Pond ; alderman, H. ,J. Brown : constable, T. F. Leonard. Fifth ](■(((!- Supervisor, Thomas Speechly ; alderman, William Shadford. Sixth Ward- Supervisor, Evart H. Scott ; alderman, II. G. Prettyman : constable, Henry Marsh. Delégate to Republii au 4'ouviulioii. Fiïst Ward- H. 8. Dean, (;. F. AUmendiger, O. M. Martin, S. Dean, G. L. Moore, S. T. Morse, W. J. Booth A. J. Sawyer, L. D. Wiaes, J. Q. A. Sessions, H. M. Taber, W. Eldert, Car los Hill, L. Bassett, A. M. Clark, J. M Gelston, W. K. Childs, E. F. Mills, H Richards, R. Campbell SecmidWard-G. Schneider, J. Schmid E. Freuauff, J. Sohairei-, E. Markham Wm. Schiller, R. Armbruster, J. C Armbruster, H. Gundert, E. Graf, J Heinzmann, S. Dieterle, L. Schleichei G. Bailey, A. Tessmer, D. O'Keef, F Huhn. Tkird Ward- Chas. Hiscock, Dr. J A. Dell, Paris Banfield, A. R. Peterson Wm. A. Clark, Jos. E. Harkins. W. G Burchfield, Edward D. Hiscoek, Frank Wood, Zenis Sweet, Wm. Mack, J. B. Saunders, Wm. J. Clark, Jacob Fischer, N. B. Covert, Edward Burdick, M. S. Pulcipher, Henry C. Clark. Fourth Ward- O. E. Butterfield, A. P. Ferguson, N. S. Burton, J. F. Lawrence, N. D. Corben, G. H. Pond, H. B. Masters, A. W. Gasser, Wm. B. Stevens, John Boylan, R. Kempf, F. Stolïlett, Alanson Moore, Glen V. Mills, Geo. Vanderwalker, John Nowland. Fiflh Word- Eli Moore, E. W.Moore, Newton Felch, Ed Kent, H. Hammond, Eli Manly, Rowland Gates. Sixth Ward- Evart H. Scott, P. C. Brown, H. G. Prettyman, E. F. Johnson, I. J. Keeoh, Jno. W. Bennett, Arthur J. Kitson, W. Danforth, A. F. Martin, C. M. Thompson, Geo. Stahl, J. W. Rogers, Wm. Biggs.


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