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SENATE. Washington, March 22.- A Chinese treaty which pro vides for restricted iinmigration has been negotiated and was under consideration in the senate yesterday. Washington, March 23.- In tha senate yesterday a number of bilis of minor importance were acted upon. Mr. Sherman introduced a resolution directing the comraittee on judiciary to investígate the charges of "simulation" of United States coins or of the cominpr of standard silver dollars. After a brief executive session the senate adjourned until the 26th. Washington, March 27.- The death of Senator Colqultt, of Georgia, was announced in the senate yesterday by Mr. Gordon, the colleague of the dead statesman. The customary resolution of regret was adopted and a coramittee of ten senators was appointed to accompany the remains to Macon, Ga., after which the senate adjourned. The House. Washington, March 23.- The house spent almost the entire time yesterday in filibustering over the O'Xeill-Joy contested election case frora the St. Louis district. The bill for the construction of a bridge across the Monongahela at Pittsburgh was passed. Washington, March 24.- In the house vpsterdav a ioint resolution ating f10,000 for the salaries and expenses of additional deputy collectors of internal revenue to carry out the provisions of the Chinese exclusión act was passed. The strugffle over the O'Neill-Joy contested election case was resumed and occupied the remainder of the session. Mr. Morse introduced a bilí to punish seduction in the District of Columbia. He says the PollardBreckinridge suit has developed the fact that there was no law in the District on the subject. Washington, March 26.- The post fice appropriation bilí was considered in the house on Saturday. Itcariies 187,470,599, which is $,142,851 less than the estimates and t3, 466,285 more than the appropriation for the current fiscal year. An amendment to set asid e $20,000 for the purpose of free delivery ex periments in rural districts other than towns and villages was adopted. Washington, March 27.- The house adjourned after a brief session yesterday on account of the death of Senator Colquitt.


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