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Probate Order. STATE OF MICHIGAN, I ,., ( nrsTv oï Washtbnaw. i s' Atasessionof the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden ;it the Probate Office in the Olty of Ann Arbor, on BMday, the 16th day of Maren, In the year onethousund elght hundred and nlnety-four Present, J. WlUard Babbitt, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Catherine Nichols, deceased. On readlng and filing the petitlon, duly I. of Catherine N. Taber, praylng tha1 idministratlon de bonls non with the wil! anexed of sald estáte maybe granted to Henry M. Taber, or some other sultable person. Thereupon 11 Is ordered, that ilonday, tin6th day of April next, at ten o'clock In the forenoon, be asslgned for the In arlng of ;iid etitlon, uncl ihai the heirsai law of said de:eased, and al] other persons Interested i i ■ Bald estáte, are required to apnearal a sesslon if aiil Conrt, then to be holden at the Prolate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and shi w ■ause, ir anrthere be, why the prayerof t: e etitioner snould not be granted: And it is further ordered, that said petilonerglve notlce to the persons Interested asatd estáte, of the pendencyof sail petllön, and the hearing thereof, by causlng a eopy of this order tobe publisned In the Ahh Vrbob Bbgistbb, a newspaper prlnted and lrcnlatlng in Bald County three successlve reeks ir lous to sald day of hearing. J. W1LLAKJ) BABBITT, Judge of Probatt A true copy.] Wm. G. Doty. Probate Register. 07 Probate Order. VTATE OF MICHIGAN, I .. 'OUXTY (IF WABHTESAW, i At a session oí the Probate Conrl for the 'mint. y of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate fflce in the City of Ann Arbor, on Wednesay, Uie Mtli ïay of Mairh, in the year lic thousand eiirht hundred and ninet v-four. Present, J. Winard Babbitt, Judge of l'ioate. In the matter ir the estáte of Francés C. unuu-r. deceased. cm readlng and flllng the petltion, duly erifled, of Jamea Edwin Sumner, praylng liai acertain instrument qowod file in tliis !ourt, purportlng tobe the laat wiil and tesniH'Mt of said dereased niay be adniijted to róbate, and that admlnistration of said ja t f rii.-ty ! ir grantea to nimseix, executor i 11 .-a id wlll iiaim'd, io aome other sultaole person. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the iith day of April nextat ten o'clock in the forenoon, he asslgned the hearing of said petltlon, and that the devíseos, légateos, and helrs-at-law oí said deceased, and all other persona Lntorested in s&ld estáte, are required to appear al a. BessioD of sald court, tiirn to be tolden ai the Probate Office, n the elty OÍ Aun Arbor, in said Oounty, and show cause, f any there be, why the prayer ol Un' petitloner should not lie granted. And it is further ordered, that said petitioner jglve notice to the persons ínterested In said estáte, of the pendency of said petltlon, and the hearing thereof , by causínga copy of tliis order to Be publlshed in the Ann Arbob BnoiSTKB, a newspaper printed and ctrculatlng in saíd County three suecessive weeka prevlous to .said dny of hearinjr. .1. WILLAED BABBÏTT, (A truo copy.) Judgo of Probate. W. G. Doty, Probate Register. 06 "róbate Order lor Hearing Account ol' Uitarditin. QTATE OF MICHIGAN I „ ÖCOUNTY of Washtenaw i Ata session of the Probate Courl tor the County oí Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the City of Aim Arbor, on Tuesda . the STth day of February, In the yearone thousand elght hundred ajid nim-ty-four. Present, .1. Willahd Habbitt, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the Estáte of George Suttnn, second Incompetent, Sedgwick Dean, the guardián of said ward, comea Intocourt and representa that he is now prepared ti ronder hls ■;ttli annnal accoanl as Bncn guardián. Tbereuponit Is ordered, that Frlday, the 23rddayof March next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for exanüng and allow[ng sucb account, and that the aext oí kin of said ward and all other persona tnterested In said estáte are requlred toappearat a aesslon of said Oourt, then tobe holden attbe Probate Office, in the City of Ano Arbor, in said County, and show cause, i f any there lc. wrhv the safa accountishould no be allowed: Anilii la further ordered that said guardián give notice to the persons tnterested in said estáte, oí the pendency of said account, and the hearing tfiereof, by causing a copy of this order to be published Inthe AnnAbbob Kkoistkr, a newspaper prlnted and circulatiiiLc in siiid county. thict1 Buccesalve weeks previous to said day of bearing. .1. WILLIAED ISAIÜÏITT, [A. true copyj ijudgeof Probate. W.M. G. Doty, Probate Register. w ÏÏIortsïaii'e Sale. Di'fauli bavingbeen madefor more than sixty daya In the paymeni of an Installment of tfie principal sum and also of Interest due upon a certaln mortgage dated September Sixth, A, D., 1890, (One Thousand Elght Hundredand Nlnety) executed liy Wllllam A. Chamberlaln and Clarlssa w. Chamberlaln bis Hamllton, Rose -V Sheeha'n, and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeda tor the county of Washtenaw, in the state of Michigan, in fiber seventy-sl of moru. on page i hondredand twenty-one on the alxthaay oí September, A. I.. ikixi, whlch mortffage together with liic oote accompanIng the same wen' duly asslgned li '. Schmld ezecutor, by the said aamilton, Bose &Sheehan by deed of aasignment duly executed, bearlng date the thlrteenth lay of September A. I).. iWHi, and recorded In Uber eleven f asaignments of mortgaces, page 838. By reabod "f whlch default sald asslgnee of sala mortgages has electedand declared tin1 whole of the principal aam Becured by sald niortgageas dne and payable Immedlately, and whereas Unir is claiiaed to !■ due for princial, interest, taxea and Insurance aa provlded f or in sald mortgage al the date hereof besumoi One Thousand, Three Hundred, and Ninrl y-Nini' Onr llumlrfdths Dolars, together with an attomey's feeof tfalrty dollars, as provided for in sata morteage, In :ase any proceedings to foreclose sald mortgage should be Instltuted, and noault or profcdim; in law or in equlty havinsi been intitutedto recover the same, whereby the lowerofsalecontainedtherein becomeopreaIve nou therefore notice Is hereby glven that 1 1 1 - sald mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale if the mortffaged premisos al Public Auctlon otbehlgbewt bidder al the East front door f tlit' ('oiirt House In the City of Ann Arbor, bhai belngthe place for holalagthe Circuit 'otirt for Washtenaw County) on the Seventh )ay of April, A. D., 1884, a1 Eleven o'clock In be forenoon whlch said mortgaged premlses re sltuated In the ciiy of Ann Arbor, county f Washtenaw and state of Michigan and are escrlbed as follows to-wit : Lot number onc n block numberrsix of Hamllton. Kost and heehan's addltlon to the City of Ann Arbor, tate of Michigan. Dated, January 6, 1894. F. SCHULD, Executor, A. W. Hamilton, Asslgnee of MortAttorney for Kages. Assignee of 06 Mortgages.


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