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vote for men who will soe to ít that our city will reeeive good government and ■jood lavvs. The Manchester Enterprise says men who arise to build a fire are foolish. Here is an opportunity for an argument by some enthusiastic woman suffragist. H. .1. Brown, our popular druggist who was nominated by the Democrats of the fourth ward, has been endorset bythe Republicana. Mr. Brown wil be a credit to the council. William G. Thompson, the Detroi politician, has refo-med and embrace I lepublicanism, He publishes a lette in wrhieh he r-ays the Democratie part ;s Incompetent to conduct nationa affairs. ______- Wheat touched a lower priee in New York Monda; than it ever did before. The price paid was til 3-16 cents. Wages and the prices of farm producís are steadily on the decline - democratie, you know. Geo. H. Pond has been nominated by the Republicans of the fourth ward for supervisor. Mr. Pond has never been found want ing in any position which he has been called upon to fill. He will be elected. At a moet of the Municipal beague held on Saturday evening, Dr. Darling and L. D. Wines, candidates on the Republican ticket for mayor and president of the council, were endorsed, as also a number of candidates on the ward tickets. The Couricr, which should bo in position to know whereof it speaks, says it 'is vory doubtful if the motor line and the electric railway will be Consolidated and the Unes operated with electricity. The expense, it says, would be about $60,000, a sum of money which could not be realized at present. A. C. Schumacher, who received Beren votes fot president oí the oouncil in the Republiean convention, was not a candidato for the position, having poeltively declined to allow his name to be considered. Mr. Schumacher is ne of the brightest young men in the i.ity and is a hustling Kepublican. Dr. DaRUNG, who has been nominat ij by the Republicans for Mayor, is ■one of A.nn Arbor 's best known citizens. He is a gentleman of ability and will make a good mayor. He will strive to do his utmost to work for the best interests of the city. No Republican should fail to cast his vote for Dr. Darling. The neate9t exchange that came to our table last weck was the Allegan tU ■ It was twelve pages "strong, " and nearly all of the pages were original matter. The page containing a summary of the principal corporations, merchants, manufacturera and prof essional intereste was the prettiest we have ever seen. Tms certainly is funny enough. Congressmao Gorman soberly announces that if the Demócrata carry the next legislature and elect the governor they will re-district the State of Michigan and re-enact the district method of choosing presidential electors. Mr. 1 i i H-man snould not waste any sleep over the details of hispían. - Allegan Gazette. PhOF. Lkvi D. Wini-.s luis been hond by the Republicana with the nomination of President of the eouncil. Prof, VVines' record as a public oflieer is clean. He is not a boodier but is a man oí irreproachable character, who believea in doing what its right In municipal affairs. In the (lischarge of his duties he does not recognize the wish of fi-iends, nor does he countenanco the ]rsires of enemies. He has only the peste of the city at heart. When Horace Greeley failed to see the nomination on the Ilepublican ticket for tho presidency, he offered iiimsolf as a oandidate for the presiden the Democratie party. The Democratie party nominated Mr. Gi arid Mr. (roelywas defeated. W. E. Walker failed to secure the nomination for president of the council on the Eli publican ticket He then offered himseU as a candidate tci the Demócrata, who have nominated liim. EUstory will repeat itself In Mr. Walker's case. He v ated. About fifty of the leading Washteaw county Republicans met in the Suervisors' room of the court house last hursday afternoon to talk on the poltical situation In the second congresïonal district. The question of whethr or not a candidate from Washtenaw ounty should be put in the field, was iscussed at some length, the feeling eeming to bo that it was too early yet o decide the matter. The Register s of the opinión that it is not too far in advance to settle this question. If there is an available candidate in this county, he ought to receive the support of every Republican in the county, and the sooner he knows- whoever the candidate is to be- that he will receive the solid support of the delegation from this county, the greater will be nis chances of success. Prepare for the enumerator, felow-citizens and Democrats. Act 178 of the Public Acts of 1893 requires a state census this year. An enumerator will be appointed in every townshipand in the wards of inoorporated cities. When the statistics will all be gathered in, they will undoubtedly show that Michigan has increased in populution. Wonder if the enumerator will knoek at the doors of factories closed, of industries in the various branches of trade crippled, brought about by the Democratie party. Ten years ago, when the last census was taken, work was plenty, wages were high- the highest in the world, smoke issued from the chimneys of thousands of factories, and the ships of the chant marine veré flying the flag of commerce and of trade from port to port over the waves of the inland seas, and the business man and the laborer were smiling. Everybody was happy and contented - the Republican party was at the helm. Today, today- alas, alas- the country is cursed by Democratie misrule, and there is starving in a land of plenty. Though the idea of uniting the Atlantic and Pacific by a railway, or system of railways and waterways, may have occurred to several minds in different places at about the same time, and though it was the natural result of industrial and political conditions, it was probably first given public expression in the Emigrant, a weekly newspaper publishod at Ann Arbor, Michigan (Territory) from November 18, 1829, to December 1, 1834. The writer of the article found in the editorial columns of No. XII. of Volume III., issued February 6, 1832, is unknown, though it should probably be accredited to Judge W. S. Dexter, the publisher and one of the editors of the paper. Under the title of "Something New," the unknown writer, after a quite profuse apology for suggesting a scheme that might be regarded by an incredulous public as chimerical and visionary, and after consoling himself with the reflection that "it is nobler to fail in a sreat undertakinar than to ceed in a sinall one, ' ' elaborates his proposed seheme in several able artieles which appeared in the Emigrant and whieh elicited much comment in the East. A work on the genesis of the Pacific railway will soon be published; it will contain the artieles written by the Ann Arbor editor. The original files of the Emigrant, or such of them as it has been possible to find, are among the colleetions of the Washtenaw County Pioneer Association. The old soldiers are fast disappearing. More than 17,000 were dropped from the pension rolls last year on account of death. For heaven s sake let's treat the old veterans well the fewyears they remain with us. - Howell liepublican. Amen! Amen! Yes, the Angel of Death is knockinar at the doors of the homes of the old héroes, who risked their fortunes and their lives in the great conflict for suprcmacy, who were ready to die for the preservation of the Union. One by one, on every hand, they are answoring the bugle cali to join the large army in the great Beyond. Yes, let us treat them kindly. But death alone is not the only instrument that is dropping the old veterans of the wars from the pension rolls. There is another instrument - the companion of Death - that is dropping them from the pension rolls - the Democratie party. You will please QOtice, kind reader, tliat it is also sptlled with a D. The party of Dcstruction - another D. The party for a tariff for Deviltry only- another D ! The Democratie party is annoying the old soldiers, who are wearing tho scars of honor. It has insultod them by plaeing a southerncr at. the head of tho pension dcpartment. The Democratie party is annoying the veterans as it i annoying the business men of tho country. To annoy and destroy is its mission. Years ago it attackod tho life of the nation : today it is attaokiag the business interest of the nation and the héroes of the nation. Yes, lc-t us treat the old veterans well the few years they reniain with us.


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