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Ta Universify circles the most Ínter esting topic in society affairs is the Jun ior hop, which will be given tomorrow evening. It is predicted by knowing ones that the event will eclipse any thingandeverythinjihithertoattemptcc by junior classes of the U. of M. The Waterman gymnasium will be the scène of the grand 'ball. The main ftoor o! the mammoth structure has ben conditioned - if we may be allowed use the word- so that it will be no : .iy the flnest, the most elabórate, but aiso the largest in the Wolverine state The finest pines in Georgia have been hewn down, cut, planod and polishec and placed in the hall, and on the nigh of the hop the floor will shine like a morning star, when the waltzes and the polkas and the two steps will be danced. A Detroit decorator has promised to array the walls like unto the walls in the castles of the Shah of Persia (O Shaw !) - Schremser, the great musician, will furnish heavenly music for the twentyfour regular dances and the grand march, when the 800 invited guests, yourself and lady, will smile, will laugh, will dance and be merry for tomorrow we die. - Hangsterfer, the caterer, will have everything on hand in the shape of eatables, delicacies from the North and from the South, and fine fruits, nuts and figs from Oriental lands. Each booth will have a table, each table will be decorated with flowers, around which the merry dancers and the happy guesta will sit and waiters will do their bidding-. The greatest event in society eircles of the U. of M. will be the junior hop, hop, hop! - Another great down-town event of which society has been speaking, was the music furnished by the choir, which sang praises to the Lord at the beautiful Easter services at St. Thomas' church. The music was simpty grand and beautiful. Sixiy-two pages of Marzo 's mass in G was rendered in a manner most creditable to the training given by the choir by Mr. John J. McClellan, who has just cause to feel elated over the work. It was a great musical event of the year. - Another great society event will be the great concert of the Ann Arbor Banjo and Guitar Club at the opera house this evening. The announcement that the greatest banjo virtuoso in the world will assist the clubs at the concert, should insure a f uil house. - The management of the Grand Opera house is favoring Ann Arbor theatre-goers with a number of excellent plays, which is being highly appreciated by lovers of the drama. - Prof. Stanley will give an informal musical recital at Frieze memorial hall at 8 p. m. on Friday to the members of the Michigan Schoolmasters' Club, which holds its sessions in this city on Friday and Saturday of this week. - Mr. and Mrs. RossGranger will, we understand, give an Easter calicó party to their pupils on Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3:30. - We have succeeded in gathering the following society news of personal interest : ■C. C. Parker was in Owosso last week. Miss Amanda Reyer has been visiting in Detroit. W. McCrow, of Stock bridge, is visiting in the city. Mrs. Walz, mother-in-law of M. Fisher, is very low. Mrs. M. Lehman visited her parents in Waterloo last week. Miss Ethel Thompson is the guest of friends in Port Huron. Oaspar Rinsey is sutïering from inflammatory rheumatism. Mrs. Frank B. Tibbals, of Detroit, is visiting friends in the city. Milo G. Milligan, of Jackson, attended the funeral of his father. Miss Nellie Balcom, of Chicago, is yisiting friends in the city. Miss May Webster, of Owosso, is visiting relativos in the city. Mrs. Flemming Carrow was the guest of Detroit friends last week. F. W. Chapin, city treasurer of Jackson, was in the city last week. Wm. Mead, of Webberville, is having an eye treated at the hospital. Mrs. Henry M. Campbell, of Detroit, has been visiting Ann Arbor friends. Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Siekly, of Macon, visited Ann Arbor friends last week. Samuel Sidore and family, of California, are the gucsts of friends in the city. Prof. H. L. Willett left for Chicago Monday night. He will return Friday night. Mrs. M. M. Rosenberg, of Reed City, is visiting her mother. Mrs. S. A. Goodale. Hon. Henry P. Krell, an attorney i! Leadville, Col., is the guest of M. J. Lohman. Mrs. Wm. Needham, of Highland Station, was in the city on business last week. M. M. Nye, of Rochester, is having an oporation performed on his mouth at the hospital. J. L. Gilbert, of Cholsea, deputy oil inspector of this district, was in the city last week. Mrs. Ed. Eberbach has departed for Albuquerque, New Mexico, to visit her daughter, Mrs. Zimmer. Miss Edith Cook, of Rochester, has accepted a position in a millinery establishment in this city. Mrs. J. Hubbard, of Saginaw, is visiting her mother, Mrs. G. Monroe. Her littlc son Gilbert is accompaning her. Miss Belle Sperry, lit '91, now a teacher in the Adrián Elffb School, is visiting friends and relatives in the city. O. T. Hoover, of the Chelsea Standard, was in the city on Saturday. He says the Standard is progressing and Cholsea is still in the lead. Miss Hraraa !■'.. Bower, great record koepor, was present at a school of instruction for Maccabeea in Howell last week and made a few romarks. Prof. Clinton Lockhart has complcted liis work for the year in the Bible Chair course and leaves today for Yale University where he will pursue some special lines of work the spring and summer. Mrs. Maxon, of Union City, was called to this city last week by the severe illness of her daughter, Belle Maxon, who has just finished her course in elocution at the U. of M., graduating with high honors. The Y. P. S. C. E. of the Church of Christ gives a social tomorrow night in the church parlors to the students who, during the year, have been enrolled in the various Biblical courses given by Profs. Willett and Lockhart.


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