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The freshmen will hold a social a Granger's Academy April 6th. Dr. Gunsaulus was the guest of the Beta Theta Pi during his stay in the city. A petition is being circulated by the Seminary students asking for better chairs. The U. oí M. ball team will play Chi cago 'Varsity at Evanston, April 'Z ant at Ánn Arbor May 5. President Adams, of the University of Wisconsin, was the guest of Prof. D'Ooge Friday and Saturday. Minnie H. Nemby, '89 lit., was recently married to Geo. Ricketts, of the Wagner Palaee Car Co., Chicago. A case of Germán books from Leipsic have arrived in New York and will be added to the library in a few days. E. F. Mills delivered a very interesting discourse on "Business" bef ore a large audience in Newberry Hall recently. There are 528 fraternity men in the Universitv. They mostly live by themselves and board at their respective chapter houses. It is possible that M. J. Reilly, of Detroit, national champion wrestler in the ■ir, pound class, will will give an exhijition at the indoor meet. Two new cases are to be placed in the museum. They will be used for a colection of fish from Japanese waters, jresented by Dr. Sterns, of Detroit. The professors of the law department have deeided to give a series of extra ectures to the members of the school, on the practical aspects of a lawyer's vork. Pres. Minnahan, of the senior law class, has appointed the following committee on Commencement invitation: Oreon E. Scott, Charles A. Denison, .1. f Poston, A. L. Pratt and Mr. Wadeigh. Prof. Graham Taylor, of Chicago University, will speak before the S. C. A. next Sunday morning and at a Union Service of the churches at University hall in the evening. Frank S. Whitman, a literary student of the class of '96, was práctising base all on the campus Saturday afternoon when he accidentally carne into colliion with one of his classmates and was njured somewhat. Alfred Nicoletti, of Rochester, New York, is at Newberry hall with an art exhibit that well merits the attention of ,he students and the general public. ?he exhibit consists of casts, basseliefs, medallions, busts and vases, in eproduction of the most famous classial antiques now existing. Geo. W. Fuller has been appointed hairman of the executlve committee of he Republican Club. The other mem)ers of the committee are F. C. Kuhn, G. E. Leonard, C. A. Denison, L. O. Wadleigh, M. R. Todd, E. L. Allor, E. D. Babst, P. G. Burnham, F. D. Adams, ï. F. Hussey, Marry Weinstein, J. R. Arneill and A. J. Purdy. The Junior hop is under the control of he followintr f raternities : Chi Psi, Alpha Delta Phi, Sigma Phi, Psi, Upsilon, )elta Kappa Epsilon, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Kappa Psi, Zeta Psi and Delta Tau Delta. Besides these there will be hree other booths for the f raternities : hi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Delta nd Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The Inter-collegiate debate between Northwestern University and the Uniersity of Michigan will take place in Jniversity Hall Friday evening, April The question is, resolved: "That it ught to be the policy of the Federal Jovernment to bring about the annexaion of the Hawaiian Islands. " Michigan takes the affirmative. Gov. Rich ïas promised to preside on this occaion. Tb.3 jude are Hon. J. K. Ha nilon, of Toledo ; Hon. M. T. Krueger, of Vlichigan City, Ind. ; and Rev. Chas. L,ittle. D.D., of Wabash, Ind. The debators for the U. of M. are E. H. Marett, E. C. Lindley, and J. H. Mays; hose for Northwestern, E. I. Goshen, H. S. Hadley and C. B. Campbell. Both colleges have chosen very able epresentatives, and that the contest will be exciting, there is little doubt, 'his debate will be a splendid discussinn of the Hawaiian question, and should )e attended by everyone who is at all nterested in current affairs.


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