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The U. of M. Daily speaks in high terms of the forthcoming Palladium, which has just been issued from the rtegister Printing and Publishing Co. 's resses. "The editora, " says the Daily, "are be congratulated for their good taste and judgment in arranging the conents and the genaral make-up of their annual. It may be truly said that the hirty-sixth volume of the Palladium is equal to any of its predeeessors. The cover is green with embossed ettering in gold and the design is very neat, only the words "The Palladium," '94" appear on the cover. In size the Jalladium is 8x10 inches, printed on xtra heavy enamelled paper, making a book of over two hundred page3. Typographically and mechanically he book is perfect, and reflects great redit upon the Register Printing company, who did the work. The cuts, with the exception of one r two half-tones, are of the best qualiiy nd several scènes from the campus add ereatly to the features of the book. As is usual, the book is given up argely to fraternity matters, class rolls, rganizations, etc. and for that reason ery little literary matter is published. This year's board of editors are to be ongratulated fon their judgment in exluding all grinds or other objectionble matter from the pages of the Paladium, thus proving that a successful nnual can be issued without such mater, and setting an example worthy to e f olio wed by other college annuals. "


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