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DO YOU EXPECT TO BECOME A MOTHER ? "MOTHERS Friend" mukfs rhild birth easy. Assibts Nature, Lcssens Danger, lid Shortens Libot. " My wile suffered more in ten minute with her other children than she dld all together with her last, af ter having used four bottles of MOTHEB'3 FKIEND," eays a customer. Hemderson Dale, Druggist, Carmi, IU. Sent by express on receipt of price, $1 .50 per bot tla. Book " To Mothers " mailed f ree. BBADF1ELD REGULATOR CO., OOR 6LE BY ALL 0RUGGIST8. ATLANTA, OA. KOALl Order your sea&on's snpply now o{ M. STABLER. 11 W. WASHIlSOTOSi 8T. -PIioii.í So. 8 (tO RA CLEVELAND to IJM.ÜU BUFFALO Via "C. & B. LINE.y with openinir of navigation (aV)out April lat). Magniffieient side-whoel steel steamers ' State of Ohio" and "State ot Nework." DAILY TIME TABLP Sl'NDAY INCIJ.;1)IÍD. Lv. Cleveland, Sífíf, p. m. Ar. Huttalp.r7 : 30 A. m. T Lv. Buffalo, - fi: IS P. M. Ar. Cleveland, 7:30 a. m. f CENTKAL STANDARD TIME. Tako the "C. & B. Line" steamers nd enjoy a refreshing night's rest when oroute U) BuffcUo, Niágara Fatts, Tornin. Nevo York, Boston, AVmny, 1000 ilands, oí' any Eastern or C'anadian oints. Oheap Excursions Weekly to Niágara Falls. Write for tourists pamphlet. H. R. Rogers, T. F. Newman, Gen'l Paxs. As;i. Gen'l manager Cleveland, Ohio. Pf fllLSOH'sIl W SEWING MACHINES POPULAR? BECAUSE LADIES BUY LIKE them AND TELL K,Kds. Many ladies have used our machines twenty to thirty years in theirfamily work, and are still using the original machines we furnished them a generation ago. Many of our machines have run more than twenty years without repairs, other than needies. With proper care they never wear out, and seldom need repair. We have built sewing machines for more than forty years and have constantly improved them. We build our machines on honor, and they are recognized everywhere as the most accurately fitted and finely fïnished sewing machines in the world. Our latest, the "No. 9," is the result of our long experience. In competition with the leading machines of the world, it receiyed the Grand Prize at the Paris Exposition of 1889, as the best, other machines receiving only complimentary medals of gold, silver and bronze. The Grand Prize was what all sought for, and our machine was awarded it. Send for our illustrated catalogue. We want dealers in all unoccupied territory, WHEELER & WILSON MFG. CO. 185 & 187 Wabash ave., Chicago. J. F. SCHUH, AGNET, Ann Arbor, - Michigan. E. C. MORRIS SAFE CO. (Incorpora ted.) Capital - $250,000. Successors to E. C. Mokris & Co. 64 Sudbury St., Boston, Mass. Fire and Burglai Proof Safes. Bank KfVn, Bank Vaultm, Bank Vault IuorM, and lH'pusit Works of all kinds. Tlie Best Safe in the World. 130,000 in use. Alwayz preserve their content. Cnamplan Record In all theOreat Flrea Oneof the largest and best equipped factorles In the country has juut been erectI near Boston, fltted wlth tlie latestand most tmproved tools, which render facilitics for manufiicturiiiK tlie best Work at the lowest prtces, unequalleü by any other concern in the country. Ouralm is to glve the best construction and roost Improvements lor the least amount of money. Ksttmates and speclltications furnistunl upou appllcation. AUK.M'K WAXTlil), ÊM Piso's Remedy for Catarrh Is the ■■ Best. Easiest to TJse, and (heapesl. Bold by druggistB or sent by muii I 50c. E. T. Hazeltlne, Warren, Pa.


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