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ALWAYS IN THE LEAD. THK PYKA1BBD PII.K Cl RIS BECOMING BECOGNHED (Cilaiu Lasttng Cure for livery Farm of Piles. Since the introduction of the Pyramid Pile Cure, the barbarous surgical opcration heretofore eonsidered neoessaryis rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The Pyramid Pile Cure has taken the place of an operation for many reasons : First, it cures every form of piles without a partiële of pain. Second, it cures without any incor.'enienee or detention from daily work. ïhird, its effects are lasting and not simply a temporary relief. Fourth, the price is nominal, costing only a dollar a package. Fifth, it is entirely harmless, containng no mineral pohons, and cannot ïarm the most delicate. Druggists everywhere sell it and report almost universal satisfaotion wherever it is uscd. It has been thoroughly tested by physieians in every state in the union and is recognized by the best authorities as the safest, surest and cheapest pile cure known. We take pleasurc in presenting the following lettei-s of remarkable cures performed by this remedy, and all of them being recent, lends an added interest, and simpl y omphasizes the fact that for all forms of piles the Pyramid Pile Cure is a speciflc. From D. P. CollinsGarnett: I commenced using the Pyramid Pile Cure and my i-aso was so bad I thought the remedy was going to fail in my case, bul before I had used two-thirds of one paokagel began to feel much bettei and can honestly say I am entirelj cured. It is the quickest and surest remedy I have ever tried or heard of. From Josiah Robeits, Port, N. J. : Just one quarter of a paokage of the Pyramid Pile Cure did wonders for me and I have lost no opportunity of recommending such a great remedy. From Wm. MeHale, Kockport, Mass. : One paekage of Pyramid Pile Cure has helped more than anything I havo yet used. When it is remembercd that usuall y piles is a most dimoult, obstinate disease to cure, these results obtained from using a single package, costing but one dollar, are certainly remarkable to say the least. People who have been annoyed with piles f or years are astonished at the prompt results always secured. The Pyramid Pile Cure is made by the Pyramid Co. of Albion.-Mich., and is now also for sale at all .drug stores, together with a treatise on cause and cure of reetal diseases. Vlxe Faiiiouw EtcIiingK. The Passenger Department of the New York Central has just issued a series of live beautiful etchings, which artisiically outrank anything of the iind ever issuedby arailroadcompany, vhile the absence of any adyertising eature renders them suitable f or hangngr in your office, library or home. No. 1 is "Washington Bridge," which pans the Ilarlem liiver at 181st street, one of ihe finest briages in the world, ind a marvel of engineering. In the distance is High Bridge, the Crotón Viaduct. In the foreground a characeristic river scène that recognized by any one at all familiar with the locality. No. 2.- "Rock of Ages, Niágara Falls," rom a photo by William H. Jackson & Co., Denver. A vievv that has been admired by every one who has seen it. The soft tones in which it is printed add greatly to the effect of the f alling wat ers and spray. Xo. 3- "Oíd Spring at West Point," liso a photo 'uy ïïra. H. Jackson & Co., Denver. A romantic scène, recalling memories of summer days at the famous military academy. No. -"999 and the DeWitt Clinton." The famous Empire State Express engine "999" which occasioned such widespread comment at the World's Fair, occupies the top half of the card, and below appears the old "DeWitt Clinton," affording a truly remarkable example of the progress of railroad science in the past fifi y vears. No. 5. - ''Kounding the Nose, Mohawk Valley." One of the handsomest railroad pictures ever made. The scène is just below Little Falls. Tliese etcnings are all printed on fine plate paper, 24x32 inches, suitable for rramiñg. Copies may be procured at the office oí W. B. Jerome, General Western Passenger Agent, 97 Clark-st., Chicago, i'or fifty cents each.or will be mailed in stiff tubes, secure frominjury to any address, tor 75 cents each, or any four of them will be mailed to any one address for $2.40, or the entire set of five will be mailed to any one address for $3.00 in currency, stamps, express or postal money order by George IL Daniels. General Passenger Agent, Grand Central Station, New York. (05'


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