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Guaranteed Self-instructive. No Teacher Required

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SELHNSTRUCTION - Bv Charles S. Macnair. DUUI"lLLriIlUl A completo business education with examinations and graduating class, at the end of tbe coursea diploma issued to all who pass examination qualifying for a business position. Itmakesnodifferencewhetheryouare a farmer, mechanic or any walk inlife, ifOyoucan simply read and write, tliis self-instructive course will, without tho aid of a teacher, fit anyone with their own individual efforts to undertake a business position superior to school or college training. SffREMEMBER IT TOUCHES rtv One coupon cut f rom this paper and ten cents, secures to yon -""Tirr" M K&M postage paid No. 1 (First Lesson,) all to bo completed in 10 number WlT aa0'È W of 16 pages each. 10 cents and one coupon for any single num. Mg? ii ber issued. Number one issued lst March. not,ce. GUT this coupon out and cSTrSÍ-X "ttWR send it with 10 cents and secure reach every home at a prlce per weck to come within the ""pARENTs' and GÜARDIANS wlll'see and teel !t their ANY NUMBER ISSUED OF THE duty to foster and encourage PRACTICAL STUDY. Young MEN, Young WOMEN, should look to the future, and arm - a themselves. (u competitlon daily becomes keener and BUSINESS EDUCATIONAL keener.) This opportunltj is a grand one to ccure a v -"- -ww- -. ■ BUSINESS EDUCATION and flt themselves to cope with PATTT? RT1 others In the race for wealth, inBuence, ultímate happlness VUUJOC and comfort. It only coits a trifle, 10 cents per week, comstatb NO REauiHEO pleted in 10 parts, total cost 11.00. You can study at home in STATE NO. HEQUIHCD. pare Une, satlng expensiTe tultlon, loss of time, board, o. MO ADDRESS: 'NU THE KE'ISTliK, .Vuil Arbor, 'licli.


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