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E. F. Mills & Co.

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M. F. A MILLS Special & CO. Magnet jRiP'isT To draw the attention of the P" Í ladies to the fact that we have Prisi now a comP1ete "WRAPPER AND émSi HÖÜSE DRES3 DEPARTMEN?')" and ñPMJL iat these goods are being sold fl :'t&W-WÊÊ% ns a ('ss 1'1:U1 }'ou woukl '■ wêfifp1-Si;-W liiy the bare materials to This is the "MAGNET:; MWñ l-l Made of best quality Prints, in ÊmiÈÈw %Èsw new es%ns' stye as Per cut .'"' , l i;l n Cuffs, Collar and Ruffle, elabH orately trinimed with the latest II style braid. A garraent stylish M$Pl enough for anybody to wear. fMf$y.:'.' , garment which would be MAM; eheap at $1.50, but which you PffS'wf li can y as ou" as rïle' ast at 98c 98c Many other styles at prices EACH AS LONG AS THEY LAST. equally attractive. The bad weather of last Friday and Saturday prevented many ladies from securing some of those Bargain Handkerchiefs at 17c and Windsor Ties at 13c. We have procured another 50 dozen of the Handkerchiefs, and on Friday and Saturday, thia week, will give another opportunity to all who desire to buy at 17c, - Handkerchiefs worth up to 50c eacli. And at 13c - Windsor Ties, worth 25c. 2o SOUTH MAIN ST.


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