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The symptoms of catarrhal dyspepsia are: Coated tongue, pain or heavy 'ig in the stomach, stomachi tielching of ga, dizzy head, sometimes headadie, despondent feeiings, loss of appetite, palpitation of heart and irregularity of the bowels. For this condition Pe-ru-na is found to be an admirable remedy. In all cases it brings prompt relief to the painf ui symptoms, and in a large per cent. of the cases it niakes a permanent cure. Pe ru na soothes the Inftamed mucus surface, and thus strikes at the root of the disease. Jn cases wherethe inflammation has be n so s-vere and continued as to produce extreme irritability of the stomach the remedy may be taken in small doses at firs-, dikited in water; but, as soon as the improvement is sutñcient to permit a fiíü dose to be taken undiluted, it is a better way, and the cure ismuch more rapid. Pe-ru-na is also a spring medicine which at once remove the chaise of all affe tions peculiar to the spring season by purifyingtheblood of alleontaminations and invigorating the whole system. Two valuable books- Family Physician No. 2, setting forth in detail the treatment of catarrh, coughs, colds, soreihroat, bronchitis, and consumption, in every phase of the disease, and Family Physician Xo. 3, on spring remedies an 1 diseases - will be sent free to any nddress by The Pe-ru-na Drug Maruifucturing Company of Columbus, ühio,


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