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COLORADO'S BRIGHT OUTLOOK, [From the North American Review February, '94.] A l. .il. Debt-Paj iiiif ConiiiiimUy. Half of the decline ia Denver bank clearings is due to the f all of prices rather than to tlie reduction of business, and the ether half to a stam pede of eustomers from the banks which temporarily suspended last suinmer to the few that stood the storm. Denver real estáte, which shows symptomsof revi ved activity, carrieslarge mortgage indebUdness, next in per-capita size to Chicago, but it is mostly due to home building associations. It is a signifi cant f act that the Denver & Rio Grande railroad, wKich threads the uiountaln raining camps for more chan 1,700 miles weathered the storm without falling into a receiver's hands. Nearly all our idle workingmen are now employed again, and if several thousand had not recently come from the East we could boast that no man in the state lacks work. Colorado is the most loyal, debtpaying community in the world. She has tne most barbaron attachment laws and a cruel trust-deed, eut-throatforeclosure act upon her statute books expregsly to pleaue Eastern capital. Even the present Legislatura, which is Kepublican in both branches, repealed the very moderate railroad lavv we had over Oovernor Waite's veto. Sufh a body will pass no law impairlng the obligaiion of contiae s. Public sentiment here is as strong against anvthing of that kind is it is in Boston. The only renl misfortune which the state labors uiuler just now is the widespread depression in the East. From that región our development capital must largely come. Eastern people, seeing stagnation all around them,cannot understand how prosperity can exist in a state which but a few months ago was supposed to be so pr ostra te that it was au object of pity. Joro? E. Leet. Relief In Slx llmir. Distres8ing Kidney and Bladder diseases relieved in six hours by the "New Great South American Kidney Cure." This new remedy is a great surprise on account of its exceeding promptne88 in relieving pain in the bladder, kidneys, back and every part of the urinary passages in male or female. It relieves retention of water and pain in passing it almost immediately. If you want guick reliuf and cure this is your remedy. Sold by H. J. Brown, DruggÍ9t, Ann Arbor. 40 For oysters go to Headquarters. We have tho finest Bulk oysters in the city also cans,shell oysters andelams, all we ask is a trial Elmek & Clark, 22 E Huron-st (OOtf) Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria.


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