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The Owen Electric Belt And Appliance Co.

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Q Perfect Health . ' AND ' . C FHGWIT WAS OBTAINED. TBADB MARK. DR. A. OWEN. ACROSS THE PLAINS IN '52. A GOLD MINER DISCOVERS SOMETHING MORE PREC1OUS THAN GOLD. A REMEDY FOR RHEUMATISM AND KIDNEY TROUBLE WHICH WORKED WONDERS, AFTER EVERY OTHER REMEDY. INCLUDING A "8WEAT" TREATMENT WITH THE INDIAN6 FOR A YEAR. HAD FAILED TO RELIEVE. o A STATEMENT OF THE CASE. ' Crook City, S. D., Jan. 22, 1892. The Owen Electric Belt and Appliance Co., Chicago, Ut.; Gentlemen - I have been for some time considering the propriety of writing to pou a few Unes, relative to my experience with the Owen Electric Belt and Appliance Dbtained from you about eighteen (18) months ago. Justice to your company, and a iesire on my part to make known to others who may be suffering from a similar affliclion the relief I obtained from your institution, prompt me to send to you a voluntary statement of my case. I am a gold miner by occupation, and have been for many years. I crossed the plains to California in 1852, and since then have been in most of the prominent mining camps in the then territories of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and at present in Dakota. Leading the rough and exposed life incidental to my occupation, caused me to fall a victim to rheumatism which finally utterly prostrated me in Helena, Mont, in "65." I was under the best medical treatment obtainable in Montana for one year, with but slight improvement, and was finally advised to live among the Indians, and subject myself to their "sweat" treatment. This I did and remained with them about a year, obtainiDg only temporary relief. Since that time I have been a chronic sufferer - suffering pain and torture indescribable almost continually. It would be useless to attempt to describe my sufferings. It must be sufficien to state that I sufiered from rheumatism in its worst form. I had spent large sums of money, changed climate, visited Hot Springs, lived alternately in high and low altitudes, and employed the best medical advice obtainable, hoping to alleviate, if not cure my complaint. It was all to no purpose, and I had about despairedof ever recovering fully my shattered health, when my attention was called to the Owen Electric Belt by a fellow miner, Mr. J. C. Johnson, of Creek City, who was also suffering from rheumatism, and who claimed to have derived great benefit from a belt obtained from you. I had tried so many remedies that I was fairly discouraged and skeptical about obtaining relief from any source, but finally determined it was my duty to give your appliance a trial. I will also state right here that, since coming to the town, I have also suffered greatly from kidney disease. f At last I sent for one of your belts, and applied it carefully, according to the printed directions accompanying the same, and can now truthfully say, as I now do to you, that I am no longer troubled with my kidneys, that I am entirely free from rheumatism, and I consider my health as perfect. All this I consider is owing to your valuable and priceless Owen Electric Belt, and I feel I am only performing a duty and paying a deserved tribute to Dr. Owen in sendiLg this unsolicited statement of my case for his information. Q Sincerely your friend, - John Mulvany, Crook City, LawrenceCo., S. D. Persons making inquiries from the writers of testimoniƔis will please inclose selfaddressed, stamped envelope to insure a prompt reply. OUR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE Contains fullest Information, Hst of diseases, cut of belts and appliances, prlces, sworn testimoniƔis and portralts of people who have been cured, etc. Publisheu in Engiisb, Oerman, SwedIhh and Norwegian languages. This valuable catalogue will be sent to any address on recelpt of tii cents postage. MAIN OFFICE ANO ONLY FACTORY, THE OWEN ELECTRIC BELT BUILDING. 201-211 STATE ST.,6 CHICAGO, ILL., " THE LARGEST ELECTRIC BELT ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WORLD. f 18X WHBN WRITINS MINTIOH THI8 PAPIR. (tOOI-'


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