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!rinseyYseabölt Ho. 6 and 8 Washington St. Hare always m hand a compleU stock everyikmg in the GROCERY LINE Teas,Coffees and Sugars All prime articles boughtfor cash end can séll ui totofigures. Our freqiu nt largt invoicescf Teas is a un sign ut give bargaim in Quality and Prices. We mast owroum eoffeesevery wede, al waysfresh and yood. Our bukery turas out the oery best of Bread, Vake and Crackers. Cali und see us. WILLNEVERREGRET The day that you made up your mind that the best place to buy Hardware was at the store of GROSSMAN & SCHLENKER, Gasoline Stoves, Wire Netting, Fly Traps, Stoves, Stove Furniture Pumps, Paints, and Tcols of all Kinds. First-class goods at lowest prices Weareboth practical workrntn, and repairing done by us is always right. 7 W. LÍBERTY STREET HAMILION'S INSURANCE ! Real Estáte and Loan XUT.Si'Y. NO. II HAMlLTON BLOCK IU. PartleR dcslring to boy ot scll Real Est;itc will find to i lui adrantage iu cal) ot me. I represent ten First-Class Fire Insurance Co.'s Rates Low, Lossen Promptlv AdjuMed :iml Promptly Pald. I abo Issue UFE IXSURAyCE PÓLICES In the Connectlcut Mutual I.ifo Insurance Ce P?"One Hundred Lots in Hamiitou Park Addition for sale. Office Houhs:- 8 a. m. to 12 m., and 2 t ü p m. A. V. IIMÜI l. Half a Dozen Good Things. To the top of Pike'i Peak t.y rail Tin the Great Koek Islnd and Pike's Peak Cog Road 13 wonderful. Try it. The Dinlng Car Service on the Great Rock Island ltoute between Chicago and Denver Is the best ia the world. Cboice of iwo routes, via Omaha or Kansas City. A new tast train has been put on the Great Rock Island Route; lea ves Chicago daiiy at 5 p. in., and at 9 a. m. it arrivés at Omaha, and at 10:50 a. in. at Lincoln, Nebraska, its destination. It's a hummer and very popular. The Big " 5" is a favorito train for tourIsts and buslaess men. This is a Great Hoek Island ltoute train; leavea Chicago daily at 10 p. m. Vou travel butone day out, and Becond morning at breakfast hour you are landed at Denver Througu to For Worthü Yes, the "Greut Koek Island" has pushed its eoutbweBtern extensión across the famous Cherokee strip; through Oklahoma Territory; one hundred miles farther south over the Chickasaw Nation lands;crossod the Red riverand now lands pabengers at Ft. Worth, Texas. Think of it! Through chair cara and uperb coaches f ree; tbrough sleepers by the Great Rock lslu.nd Roulo í rom Chicago toSt. Paul aud Minneapoüs, another U Sioui FallF, anotherto Omaha ond Lincoln, Rnotherto Denver, another to Colorado Springs and Pueblo, another to Kansas City, another to Att-hieon via St. Joe, and another to Caldwell, close to the famous Cherokee strip. ONE MORE. The .rent Rock Island Route Kus doueinufh in the past sil months to induce immigration to Kansas, Colorado, Indian Territory and Texas, and any looking for cheap lands and good locationg should send for a new paper issued by that company. It is caüed the Western Trail, and will be sent free one year. Address Editor Western Trail, Chicago JNO. SEBASTIAN, General Passenger Agent, Chicago. IF YOU WANT INFORMATION OUT Addreu a letter orpoaUl crd to THE PRESS CLAtilS COMPACT. JOHN WEDDERBURN, - - Managing Attornïf, F. O. Box 463. WASHINGTON, D. C. PEXSIONS PROCCRED FOR SOLDIERS, WIDOWS, CHILOREN, PARENTS. Also, for Boldlers and Sallors dlMbled in the Une oí dnty in the regrralar Armyor Navy sf nee the war. Snrvlvor of ffie Ii.dlan wars of 11W2 to 1842, and their vidows, lio' cntftled. Oldand rejected claim! a ipeoiaüy. : uanda tntitlcd to hlpher ratea. SDd for eiv i:ivü. üo cbarge for advice. Nofeo uuiU e ucctösiui.


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