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An Education For Ten Cents

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A business education is some hing that every person shouldhave, whether engaged in business or not; biu it is not ahvays to be obtained, either from lack of money or time, and in a very large nuraber of cases it is a combination of both that keeps the knowledge seeker back. It paya to be a Register reader, and no one but a Registeis reader can take advantage of the folio wing grand offer. A regular Business College Course, with graduating examination and a handsome Diploma granted to success full studeats all for 10 cents per week and coupons cut f rom this paper. Did you ever get a better chance? The course will last 10 weeks, and is conducted by one of the best practical bookkeepers in the country, and its proficieney is guaranteed, and is positively self-in-structive, no teacher required. Every parent and guardiƔn should see to it that their children start with No 1, and keep it up to the end, and every young man or wooian, who has a desire to master a kno wiedde of book Keeping, should take advantage of the offer of a lite time. Read the advertisement in another column and then bring or send to this office the coupons with 10 cents. No extra charge lor copies sent by mail.


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