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My son has boen afflicted with nasal catai-rh since quite young. I was indueed to try Ely's Creara Balm, and bef ore he had used one bottle that disagreeable oatarrhal smell had all left him. He appears as well as anyone. It is the best catar rh remedy in the market. - .T. C. Olmstead, Areola, 111. 2 Those .Pimples Are teil-tak symptoms that your blood is not rightr-fultof impurities, causing a sluggish and unsigntly complexion. A few bottles of S. S. B. wilt remove allforeian and impure matter, cleanse the blood thoroughly, and give a dear and rosy complexion. It is most effectual, and entirely harmless. Chas. Heaton, 73 Laurel Street, Phila., says: "I have had for years a humor in my blood which made me dread to shave, as small boils or pimples would be cut, thus causing shavinR to be a great annoyance. A fter taking three bottles my face is all clear and smooth as , ICflCKV it should be- appetite splendid, rVmilH sleep well and feel like running a foot race all for the use of S. S. S. Treatise on blood and skin diseases mailed f ree. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO-, Atlanta, Ga. ior 9oy. " wow T'uai WKAT PEFFER'S HERViGOR D!D. Uucl5gc.ilnlly ami quiu&ly. Cures when al) OtbersialL You;ií?Tnfn reduin Inst numhood; old taon recover youtht ui vitior. Abitoluteiv&uaraateee c ::e Korvoinei, ljtnt Yitality, Itnpotency, i ïcrMly lt'.r.iï :ohm, LostPoner, -!.. e's. 1-iiliing Meraory, V iisilnit Biseuc, udttttii. effect of sclf alruse vr excessen and indUcretiOttt WartlsoiT iu.-anlty and contumption. Don'tletdruitKistsimposeaworthlrs8 8ul)tituteon you becauso it vicíela j?reater proílt. Insist on havinK PEFFEit'B KEU VIGR, crsend for tt. Csn bo carried in vest pocket. Propr-id, ptain wrmp per, 11 per box, or for #55. with A. Joltlve WrlKen Ouurantee to ('nre or Refund the Moncy. Pamphlotfree. BoMby lrugristB. Addreis l'KKFKIt ai K1UCAI. A-S'-V, Chicago, 1U. Sold by Everbach Drug and Chemical Go. PROTECT YÖÜR FAMILY MAKE A G00D INYESTMENT. Insurc in Tho Old Keliable NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Assets equivalent to moro than 200 tons of Gold. Surplus equivalent to more than 25 tons of Gold. If vou are prosporous, there is no better investment. Are you in debt? provide for your family and ereditors in evont of your death. F. S. GAIGE, Agent, No. 3 Willard St., ANN ARBOR, - MICHIGAN. f% iteheitert EnzUab nansnd Umi. rENNYROYflL.flLLS s- V Original umi Onlj Gt-nnine, A y'.TMJV Are, always rellable. ladies, tik S L-' n -.ilfy Uruncist for ChichcsUr Kngtith Dia-JSF êetdL'Jff%& mond Brand in Ked and Gold aeullteMr v - Jteffluoxta, BeaieUwlih blue ribbon. Tako VÖT JM lUjnoothor. Heure dangeroua tubititv V I ƒ ijr f ion anii tmi'attons. At DrugHtn, or acd 4e I W Jif In stampi for particuiara, teatimoaisli and V W D 'Kellef for Lodieis" ' Icw, by return ■A j MhIU 1O.OOO Ttiraonili. Name Papor, x - """ ƒ Chlchcuf er CneialciCo.fMdUon Squar Bold by U Lootl lir uugiiu. l'l&UiuU., Pa. 5! HAIR BALSAM ■■■Clftnsei aud beaatifiei the hair. H Prumutei ft laxuriant growth. =- ■Never Fails to Bentore Gray BKHtSBflBI Haír t? it Youthful Color. p H Curct calp diñases & hair falling. ITse Parker' Ginger Tonic. It cures the worst Cough "NVoak Lungi, Dt bil ity, Indigestión. Pain, Take in time. 50 ct& HINDERCORNS. The only mire cure for Coma, fitoDi aU Dai" lic at Dnuieiata, or iil'tiCOX k CO., N. Y. BREAKFAST-SUPPER. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA BOILINC WATER OR MILK.


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