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A YÖÜNG GJRTS FORTUNE. AN INTERESTING SKETCH. Nothing appeals so stfongly to a mother'E affection as her daughter fust budding lntc womanhood. Following is an instance: "Oui daughtor, Blanche, now 15 years of age, had boeu terribly affltcted with nervousness, and had lost the enttre use of her rlght arm. the wasiasuchacondltion that we had to Keep her from school and abandon her music lessons. In f act, we feared St. Vitus dance, and are posltive but for an lnvaluable remedy she would have had that terrible dffliction. We had employed phy eiclans, but she recei ved no benefit from them. The first of last August she weighed but 75 pounds, and although slie has taken only three bottles of Nervine she now weighs 106 pounds; her nervousness and symptom of St. Vltus dance are entlrely goiie, she áttends school regularly, and studies with comfort and ease. She has recovered complete use of her arm, her appetlte is splendid, and no money could procure for our daughter tlie health Dr. Miles' Nervine has brpught her. When mv brother recommended the ody I had no faith in patent medicines, ana wuuld not listen to him, but as a last resort he sent us a bottle, we began piving it te Blanche, and the effect was almost imrnectiate."-Mrs. B. R. Bullock, Brighton. N. Y. Dr. Miles' Eestorative Iservine is sold by all druggists on a positlve ftuarantee, or sent direct by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Klkhart lnd., on reoeipt of price, $1 per bottle, six botties for S5, express prepaid. tt is positivtlj ■'ree frota opiates or dangerous drugs. A Garden Free. Send us 10 centa for 3 months sub cription to Home and Hearths. We will semi yon as a present, transpon ation prepaid, A MAGSIFICENT PREMIUM PACKAGE OF El nwPB CüünQ 202 choice, fresh varLUntK öEitiUö, rie, jes f rom largest íTi'owers in the world, inchuting such popular leiders as Swert Peas, (BoreHtton, Grand Blue, Queen of England I-a Fxkford, "all new," etc.) also Panmes, (Rex, Gold Margined, Snow Queen, Highland, etc ) also Atters, (Jewel. 1 fection, Victoria, etc.) and many others. The whole is a perfect wealth of flowers, fit for a royal garden. Homes and Hearths is an attractive 16 page monthly, wi h lovely illustrations, splendid. absorV)ing original stories; special departments for FASH1ON and HOME hECOUATION; best selected matter; FIRE8IDE FUN; a perfect mine of p'.easure and value. The paper will comainotherspleudid premium offers. Address HOMES & HEARTHS Pub. Co., New York. FINE DRESS MAKING IN THE UTEST STÏLES. SATISFACTION GUAIÏANTEED. MISS EMMA STEBBENS, No 7 Thoinpson-St., Ann Arbor. FRUIT TREES FOR SALE. FOR THE NEXT TFN DAYS Apple trees, 5 to 7 ft. per hundred $15 Pear " 5 to 7 f t. " 30 Plum " 5 to 6 ft. " 30 Cherry " 4 to 5 ft. " 30 Peach " 3to4ft " 10 Apricott " 4 to 5 ft. " 40 Quince, Orange 2 to 3 ft " 25 Currants, $10 to $20 per hundred. Goosberry, 10c to 25c each. Blackberry, Raspberry, Grapes, and overything very low. An endless variety of flowers and ornamental trees, very cheap. AH first-class. J. A. OlltliLi:. 33 Detroit st.. Ann Arbor, inioh. CLOSING OÜT SALE IN WINTER MILLINERY Hats Trimmed and Retrimmed, Ribbons, Tips, Fancy Feathers, and everything in the Millinery Line at half price. This Sale will continue ttll February. Ladies, please attend this Sale and gei your Hato at Half Price. Bespectfully yours, A. M. Otto, ('or. I. n Ui Ave. A Wnshlnïton Sts OYERBECK & STAEBLER, DEALERS IN GROCERIES AND (.AMILIMi. IT IS HUMAN NATURE TO WANT SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. SILVERWARE Given away FREE at W. F. LODHOLZ'S Grocery Store, 4 & 6 Broadway. This is the way it is done, with every cash sale, whether it be 10c or 50c, we give you a coupon showing the amount purchased and when you have bought Grocei'ies or any goods in our line to the amount of $40, $45 or $50 you can have yourjchoice of the twenty beautiful pieces of silverware, such as Sugar Bowls, Spoon Holders, Cream, Fruit, Caster, Berry, Pickel, Butter Dishes, etc. Cali and examine. Remember everything in the Grocery Line sold cheap for cash. w. f. LomroLZ, 4 and 0 Broadway. Lumber ! Lumber ! Lumber! If you contémplate building cali at FERDON Lumber Yard COR. FOURTH AND DEPOT STS. And get vour figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lumber' nd guaran tee VERY LOW PRICES ! Give us a cali we will make it to your interest, as our large and well graded stock fully sustains our assertion. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop. T. J. KEECH, Supt. If Not, Why Not USE Rlniini of Roses for the complexión, 5e aud lOcpackages. Toiletlne for the complexión, So and 10c packages. Cilyccrlnc w i th Lavendrr for the hands and face, 25c per bottle. Halr Invigorator, keeps the hmlr from falllng out, 75c per bottle. Halr Dreslng,ikeepsthe halr from falllng out, 25e per bottle. Surft i'lnvcT, Battor lor,H pnreTPgetable color, 10, 1 5 and 25c a bottlr. Red and V ■! Ion Cake Colorlng, 2Oe OK. We also prepare a full line of Flarortng Extracto, such as Orange, Lemon, Tan Illa, Celery, Plne Apple, Pear, 8trw - berry, Etc. We would also cali your attentlon to oor C. P. BAKING POWDER. Strictly a pure Cream of Tarter Baking Powder, free trom Ammonla and Alum. We guarantee Uil Baking Powder equal to any In the market. The above Preparations are all mannfaetured In the Laboratory of The Ebekbach C'HEMicaL Co. and are guaranteed to prove satisfactory or money refunded. EBERBACH Drug and Chemical Co.


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