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The story is related of a bishop who came to one of our state prisons and was told: "No ceed of you here, sir. We have eight preachers safely locked up who are brought ont each Sabbath to minister to their fellow prisoners. " If this appear a doabtfnl tale, it can be varied with the folio wing about a young lady Sunday school teacher who has a class of rather bright boys averaging between 7 and 9 years. Recently she requested each pnpil to come on the following Snnday with eome passage of Scripture bearing upon love. The lads heeded the request and in turn recited their verses bearing opon that popular subject, such as "Love your enemies, " "Little children, love one another, " etc. The teacher said to the boy whose turn came last, ' Well, Robbie, what is your verse?" Raieing himself up he responded: "Song of Bolomon, second chapter, fifth verse, 'Stay me with flagons, comfort me with


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