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Drs.kennedy & Kergan

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weamervousidiseasedmen; t Thoosands of Yowyg and Jfiddte Aged Men are annnally ewept to a premature grave throngh early indiscretion and later excesses. Self abose and Constitutional Blood Distases have ruined and wrecked the Jife of maiiy a proinising yonng man. Have you any of the Symptoms: Nervons and Despondent; Tired in Morning: Xo Ambitáon: Mamory Poor; Ewwly Fatigued Excitable and Irritable; Eyes Blur; Pimple on the Foco; Bréame and Drains at Nigrht; Keetlefte; Hgan! Liookiiig; Blotchee; 8ore Throat; Hair koose; Pains in Body; Sunken Eyes; Lifeiess; Distraetïnl and Lack of Energy and Strength. Our New Meitod Treatment wiil biïild yon up mentally, phyeically and sexually. 'jük K DRS. KENNEDY_& KERGAN Zl [ ' 01 " At year8 of age learneJ a bad habit; ■"Met almost rnined MT " . V I me. I became nervons and weak. My back troubled me. I coald NL, Lt stand no exertion. Head and eyes became dull. Dreams and A, j drains at night weakened me. I tried Beven Medical Firms, ElecíÍmK -í(H r'c ïïélte, Patent Medicines and Family Doctore. They gave me g) iJË&S Do help. A friend advised meto tri Dre. Kennedy & Kergan. They ai'qv 9 sent me one month's treatment and it cnred me. I conld feei mi Br myself gaining every day. Thtir New Mtthod Trfutment cures when Cured in on m'nth oXl else aili." They have cured many of my friendB." Dr. Moolton. % BOB Siiïira DE iSï! IIH. Íb " ome ysa a80 I contracted a serions con6titntional blood 5& ijKiu went to Hot Springs to treat f or syphilie. Mercnry almost v"HT!IU killed me. After a while the symptoms again appeared. Throat J! yijS became sore, pains in limbs, pimples on face, blotches, eyes red, ■T I éfl O8S ' nar g'ands enlarged, etc. A medical friend adviBed Drs. %'J0'%&fr Kennedy & Kergan'a New Method Treatment. It cnred me, and I have J - had no symytoms for five veare. I am married and happy. As a 5iÖTS doctor, I heartily recomend it to all who have this terrible disease - Cnrea d yeaiu ago. ryphilis." It will eradicate the poison from the blood." "JSKT 15 YEARS IN DETROIT. 150.000 CUPED. f I am 33 yeara of age, and mfirried. When yonng I led a TííSí av S Ry üfe. Early indiscretions and later excesses made tronble W 'T for me. I became weak and nervons. My kidneys became 1 i il w affected and I feared Bright's disease. Married Ufe was nnsatisff r L f actory and my home nnhappy. I tried everything- all failed till h j Jafvv5Í I took treatment from Drs. Kennedy and Kergan. Their New iV J& Method built me np mentally, physically and sexaally. I feel &rT-NÜ an act e a man 'n ever5' resPect;' Try tnem." T%J tW Ho Names Used Without Written #7N Consent of Patiënt. Cureu iu tune. A,m Mat HArlUrrl Tanntmanf never fails in cnring Diseases of men. UUT INeW lYIGtnOU I reaimeni it strengthens the body, stops all drains and losses, parifies the blood, clears the brain, bailds op the nervous and sexual 8y6tems and restores lost vitality to the body. We Guarantee to Care Nervom Reblllty, HalUnsf Hnnhood, HyphillN varicocele, atrlcture, Oleet, Vnnatural nlsiliarueh, Weak Parts and All Kidnejr and Bladder iseases. DPIiCIIDCD rSi Kennedy & Kergan are the loading specialists of K v lul f IWI KpK America. They guarantí to cure or no pay. Their repnII m iTl W I v I V kil tation and fifteen years of business are at stake. Yoa run no risk. Write them for an honest opinión, no matter who treated you. It may save you years of regret and snffering. Charges reasonable. Write for a Question L,ist and Hooit Frec. Consultation Free. 148 Shelby St. Detroit, Mich.


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