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Dr. Miles' Heart Cure

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The Great Specialist in Diseases of Brain, Heart and Nerves. Dr. Franklin Miles, M. D., LL B., Chicago, 111. Dr. Franklix Miles, of Chicago, subject of the above sketch is one of the best known specialists in tho U. S. in diseasos of the brain, heart and nerves. He spent twelve years in study at the following institutions: Phillips Academy, Mass.: Williston Seminary, Mass.; Sheffield Scientifle School, New Haven; Yale College, Conn.; Columbia College, New York City; Medical Department Michigan University; Rush Medical College, Chicago; Chicago Medical College, and Illinois State Eye and Ear Inflrmary, and is author of a treatiseon "Nervous Diseases, " "The Permanent Curo of Headache without Change of Occupation," "Heart Disease," "Weak Eyes a Nervous Disease," "Headache and Other Nervous Diseases," "The Use of Spectacles in the Treatment of Affections of the Brain and Nerves," Etc. Dr. Miles has spent nealy 20 years since he completed his education in study and investigation of the nervous system. He has made some startling and wonderful discoveries in the relation of the eye to the heart, brain and nervous system. The greatest of his achievements and those that have made him famous are his discovery of the great nerve tonic called Dr, Miles' Restorativk Nervine and the wonderful cure f or heart disease, Dr. Miles' New Cure for the Heart- These discoveries were not luck nor accident but the result of a series of investigations carried on patiently, carefully and systematically through years of practice. They are not curealls, but intended for speciflc purposes. The Heart Cure is the best and safest heart tonic. It tones the heart by its action directly on the heart, as well as upon the sympathetic nerve centers. The Restorative Nervine soothes, quiets and restores the nerves and their centers to their normal condition, and is a sure speciflc for sleeplessness, nervöusness, dizziness, hysteria. etc These remedies have cured thousands and may cure you. Write Dr. Miles' Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind., for their book on diseases of the nerves and heart. Dr. Miles' remedies contain no opiates or other dangerous drugs, and taken according to directions are positively harmless. Sold by all druggists on a positive guarantee that the flrst bottle will benefit. Should it not you may return it and obtain your money. This allows you to give it a fair trial without risk. This proves our confldence in the medicine. This proves that it is made to cure and not alone fur the proflt there is in it. This proves the merit of the remcdy, if it was an ordinary medicine this unparalleled offer could not be made. All druggists sell them at $1, six bottles $5, Pilis 25 cents. Restores Health


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