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Real Estate Transfers

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Loretta A. Hutcliison to tíva D. Brooks, Ypsüanti 1300 H. L. Baker to J. JV1. Wallace, Ypsilanti 1900 Amelia M. Darrow to Nel! ie L. Tyler, Aun Arbor 900 John Schwab to Wilbur Short, Highway Com. Bridgewater. . 125 Marretta Bennett to Albert J. Fay, Superior 100 P. ü. Lehman to Chas. Limpert, Chelsea, 1000 A. Spathelf and wife to Jacob Spathelf, Fieedom 750 Heirs of Geo. M. Stecher to J. " Stecher, Augusta í-00 W. R. Price to G. S. Price, Ann Arbor will S. A. HawKins to Lewis Bawles. Ypsilanti ' II P. and W. Thompson to J. Wardeli, Augusta 20 A. A. Hall and wife to C. Look, Sylvan 4-a0 0. N. Conklin to C. Look, Sylvan " J. G. J. Reynolds to J. h. Rose, _ Ann Arbór o00 A. B. aud W. Derbyshire to M. S. Kane, Augusta -000 VV. Cassidy et al to R. Leach, Sylvan " J. H. Fogerty to E. B. Fogerty, Aun Arbor o9t H. JU Bullard to H. Steigigensy, SUaron ál(j0 Frank Witherbee and wife to C. P. Dieterle, Aun Arbor w J{. Witherbee to irank Witherbee, Ann Arbor 10 W. Mulholland and wife to F. JJergmann ' l0(J A. B. Derbyshire and wife to M. S. Kane, Augusta -00 A. S. l'ierce to H. Rook, Chelsea, 100 R. Fletcher to Schimansky, Augnsta loUÜ J. Gable to D. C. Griffin, Augusta 1 M. A. Baldwin to J. H. Alber, Chelsea lloü G. W. Wagner to L. H. ' land, Lodi á8üü H. Míitthews to D. Cramer, Ann Arbor 8()0