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To Her First Love

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Mr. George Paltro, of Kalaraazoo, and Miss Mary French, of Ypsilanti, were united in marriage by the Rev. Bastían Smits Saturday evening. ööpt. 7th. The above notice appeared in Monday's .Evening Times, but no one suspected that thera was unusual abcut the aflair. It has doveloped, however, that there are several unusual things eonnected therewith. In the first place both the ñames are assumed ones, Mary Freneh.being one of Ann Arbor's vvell knowyoung' ladies. Miss Mary Purffeld, who for soveral years has been the popular and hiffhly respectod clerk at the store of Moore and Wetmoore, was the lady who played the part as Miss Mary French. It seems that there are several romatic features oonnectec with the affair. Some two years ago, a young man by the name ot Geo. Paltridge, of Kalamazoo, was a studem here andibecame ftcquainted with Miss Purfleld. This aequaintance grew into more than mere friendehip, and it was reportad that the young people rere engaged. Young Paltridge, who is highly respected by all who know him, is a photographer. He is now engaged in that business at Kalamozoo. Por some reason the latter did not meet the approval of the young ladie's párente and a few other friends. As a result. the young lady was induced to ship Paltridge. Later she began to receive the attentions of a Mr. A. W. Weir, a young man of considerable means, wtio graduated f rom the law department last spring and is now traveling in the west looking up a location to begin the practico of the law. It was currently reported last sprtng that the couple had become engaged and that they would be married as soon as Mr. Weir could find a suit-ible location and get. started in praciioe. Affairs took a sudden turn last Saturday. Priday night young Paltridge eame to Ann Arbor, determined to win back the love of his former finaneee. He sems to have been cminently successful as subsequent events show. Saturday afternoon ho visited the county clerk's office and gave the name of (eo. Paltre, of Kalama00; and secured a license to marry Miss Mary French, of Ypsilanti. That evening they took the motor to Ypsilanti, and upon reaching there they went immediately to the residence of Hastian Smits, pastor of the Congregational church, and were married. The matter kept a profound secret until Tues3ay. On Monday Miss Puriield, as everybody still supposed she was, was at her duties at the store as if nothing had happened. Monday night Mr. Paltridge left for Kalamazoo, and it has Unce been learned that he took his bride with hira. The disappearance of the young lady from her homo was the iirst intimation her people had thatanything had taken place. They are nearly heart broken at the turn aff airs have taken, but there s nothing left for them to do but to forgive and forget. In the iiH'antime the young people seem to be living happily at Kalamazoo. Mr. Welr will probably not be very ready to forgive or forget that he has been outgeneralled in the matter. The newa of what has hai)pened here witliin the past few days wil! doubtless be a great surprised to him.


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