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The Fair News whiuh has just been issued contains a great deal of information coneerning our fair. Krom all appearanoes it will be the most suocessful fair that has ever been held in VVashknaw County. School Day has been set for Wednesday, September 25. Woman's Day will be held on Thursday, the 26th. The special programs for these days will be given next week The bicycle rLtces are also sure to be a drawing card. Some ütie premiums amounting to severa] L-undreds of dollars in value are offered. These races will take place on FYiday afternoon, September 27. One of the special features this year will be the exhibi tion given by the famous Kemp Sisters They will fflvtí eight special features as follows : 1. Kemp Sisters with High Jumping ponies. The Kemp Sistes, aged 7 anc 9, are the youngest and most daring fe male riders on earth, attempting leaps whiofa cause the hair to rise and the blood to grow cold. They are possessed of a daring that is astonishing in girl so young. 2. Grand Two-Horse Running Stand ing race. Given with two teams, each team being ridden by an athlete stand ing with one foot on each horse, making a close and exciting finish. 3. Four-Horse Chariot Race, Brilliant half-mile dash with glittering chariots and thorough-bred race horses. Very exciting and spiritod. Driven by Mlle. tosaUa and F. M. Kemp. 4. Umbrella Bace. Boautiful apeotacular race, with three mounted jockeys carrying open una brei las, making a very laughable and mirth-provoking race. 5. Novel Hurdle Raoea, exciting aud artistic. This is given by Mlle. Rosalía and two noteu jockeys, and will be :i closely contested and spirited raco from start to finish. These races are far superior to the avcage hurdle racc3 of the present day. 6. Welch Pony Hace- somothing for the litue peoplo as well as the old. Tinported Welch ponies ridden by children riders. 7. Horse against Greyhound. Mlle. Rosalía rides this race, one-half mile against "Lamplighter, " the swiftest greyhound in America. 8. Skeleton Wagon Race- lady driving team against single horse. Though not so numerous, the special premiums otlVtvd amount to many hundreds of dollars and will undoubthdly cali out some sharp competition. Here are the more important ones: The Ann Arbor Organ Co. offers three prizes to schools showing the best knovvledge of music. - ]t prize, a $90.00 organ: 2nd prize, a Webster's Unabridged Dictionary; 3rd prize, 1 dozen copies "The Song Budget." Dean & Co., 'offer five premiums for the best five in a race of untrained horses. Their premiums are all in sugar.- Ist, 300 lbs. : 2nd, 200 lbs.;3rd, 100 ]hs.: 4th, 50 Ibs; 5th, 25 lbs. If the winner does not like sugar, he can havo the cash. Lindensehmitt & Apfel will give threo suits of clothes for the three best lots of corn of 5 oars each. George Haller, the Jeweler, will give a berry dish for the best loaf of rye bread. Grossman & Schlenker wil] give one of those famous Quick Meal Gasoline Stoves for the best pair of fat turkeys. Rinsey & Seabolt want the ladies to try hand at baking and have offered a barrel of flour for the best two loaves of bread. Stoebler fc Co., the grocers, will present a fine lamp to the one bringing the best gallon crock of butter. K. V. llangsterfer will give a ó Ib. box of fine candy for the 11 nest collection of Macaroons. M. W. Blake, the picture frame man and dealer in fine art goods, will give for tinbest pencil drawing made by any school child in thecounty, a fine framed picture worth $4.00. ' II. Randall will give a dozen cabinet photographs for the best collection of kodak pictures. To induce the boys to train up their farm nags the Noble Star Clothing House will give $(.00 worth of clothing to the boy who cari go three Uipes around the race track in the least time witli a plain work horse. Henry arda wants to encourage the ralsing of Oorn and offers an Ad vanee plow fortlie besi 12 ears óf corn. Jacobs & Allmand like cake and wil] glvè a $"i.OO pair of shoes to the lady, or gentleman, who can bake the finest loaf of white cake. The Eberbach Hardware ('o. will present one of their Majestic Steel ranges, valued at $5:!. 00. Just how this may be seeured will be anoounced later. Maok & Cö. will gire a caoe to the winner in the Ladies' Bicycle race and a suit of clothes to the winner in the Boys" Bicycle race. Martin Hallar desires to encourage the art of dravving and for the best hand drawn map of Waehtenaw Ccranty wül give a handsome oak school arm chair. A number of other special premiums are offered, but of whieh we have not room to make mention. The entire list may be found in the Fair News, a copy of which may be secured by addressiny F. E. Mills, secretary, Ann Arbor, Mich. With so nuiny special and attractive features, the fair i certain to be ■ great eucceas. Make upyour mintl to attend and do not let anything Interere to keep you away.


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