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Probable Murder Neat Dundee

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A. Larkins was a wcll-to-do colorea farmer who liyed near Dundee. His son Enos, acvd 25, and Jane Merrill, alsocolored, Hved with him, the woman serving as housekeeper. Last sprinff the eider Larkins rave his son a deed to his SO-acrc farm, only retainBg a Ufe interest for himself and Mrs. Merrill. Soon after this the father died suddenly. Enos at once began to quarrel with the woman over the property and the latter part of June Bhe suddenly 4isappeared, but nothmg was thoupht wroii:; until Knos showod papers, bearmÈT Merrill's name, relinquisherl all claims to the property. It was known that the woman üould not write and these papers aroused suspicion and alter an investig-ation voung Larkins was arrestedon acharge of forgery, but with the suspicion of nmider hanfjing over him. A mound nn:is found on the farm and the stenen indieated that, something had been buried there, but it was found to be empty. Later on however bones, buttons, ornaments of dress, etc., were found in the ashes of a burned brush heap and these have been identified as to Mrs. Merrill. Larkins protests his innoeence, but expresses a fear of being lynched.


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