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More Horrors In Armenia

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Londori: A dispatch froin Kar, Armenia, says tliut the cntire district of Kemaka is surrouoded by Turkisb troopa dispatched by Zekki Pacha under the plea of arresting Armenian revolutionaries. The rillages f Carni, Tiriguerno, Tortan, Uoropout, and Marjgar are reported to have been complétela sacked white the popnlatidn oggregating 5,000 people ivexe ftrally treated. The meu were tortnred and the women and children vtfereravished. The four raonasteries of Aukvvauk, Botirphop, Thervorithchoga and Souphagop were sacked and the altai Btroyed. The excitement and alarm are u iiiveril 1. llisli Offiolala Plan Anotlier Hamtrrr, Authentic information from Moosh is to the eifeet that an anti-( hristian ty of Turkish officials lias been forined there and at lütlis with the avowed intention to slaurhter the (htistians in the event of the acceptauce by the l'orte of the scherae of reforms presented by the powers. It is declared tliat Consul llainptoii is to be the first victim.


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