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Michigan Crop Report For September

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Por tliis report correspondente have secured from threshers the resulta f 4.SIJ!) jobs. ajfgregating more thai) TU,. Ü00 acres of wheat threshed in thc State, the yield from which w a 962,832 jushels, an average of J2.61 bushele por acre. In the southorn countiee more than 61,000 acres throshed averaged 12.37 bushels per acre. In the central eounties the average is 13 83 bushels, and in the northern counties 11.29 bushels. The nuraber of bushels of wheat reportod marketed by farmers siace the August report was published is 702.999. Of this amount 263,195 bushels were marketed beforo August 1, but not reported until late in August, and 439, 804 bushels in August. Thc amount of wheat reported marketed Bince the August report was published is 249,804 bu'shele lees than reported for the same time in 1894, and, the amount reported marketed in the twelve months ending with July, which is the wheat year for Michigan, is 11,270,799 bushels or i.L80,159 bn-h.ils less than marketed in the same months of the provious years. There are 317 stations in tlie State frora whioh reporta of wheat markotod were received regularly each month during the two years 1893 I and ïsm 5, The amount marketed during the former year was 8,872,583 bushels, and durLng tbe latter year 5,287,792 bushels, a decreaseof 1,584,701 bushels. );its are estimated to yield in the State l': bushek, and barley 18.50 bushels per aero. Beans promise 76 per oent; potatoes, 81 peroent; apples, 28 percent, and peaches, 80 per cent of average crops. The mean temperatura of the State for the month was 67.9 degrees. Tlie mean temperatura of the southern four tiera of qountiea ras 70.4 degreee; of the central oounties, 66.5; of the northern, i I v : and of the upper península, 62. de. 3. Comparod with the normal there was a slightexcesa In each seetlon excepi the northern. The average raintall in the Btate during the mntitli as 3.09 inches; in the southern counties, 3:35 in. in theoent'' ■ 3:14 Inches: in the northern, 2.68 Inches, and in the ligper península, 2.30 incoes. ComparwTwith the normal there rasan exoessin thetouth. ern and central oountlea in the Btate, and a defleiency in the northern countiea and upper península. In the southern pari of the State the rainfall after the 22d was nearly three times the amount previous to thatdate.


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