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Tho oducational committee of the Y. VI. C. A. has not been idU during the ast aummer. Thoy have arranged five excellent courses for the coming year. There are hundreds of young men in Ann Arbor and vicinity who should take advantage of the opportunity the Y. M. C. A. offers. There are a great many young men who live in the eounty who could take the studies just as well as not. We believe a large numbcr of them will. There will be two business courses, two language courses, ani one in mechanical drawing. These will be as follows: Course 1. - Bookkoeping, Business Correspondenoe, and Business Aiithmetic by Prof. D. W. Springer : and penmanship by Mr. VA. Seyler. There wil' be 50 lessons of 1 hour oauh, recitations hbld twice a week. Course 2. - Practical Business Law and Civil Goverment by T. W. Hughes, consisting of 50 lectures and quizzes, two being given each week. Course 3. - Conversational Germán by J. A. ('. Hildner, 50 lessions, 1 hour each, twice a week. Course 4. - EngHsh Comiosition and Spelling, 25 lessons, 1 hour each, one each week. Course 5.- Mechanical Drawing by Mr. II. J. Soulding, ,")0 lessons, 1 hour ejh, twioc a weck. The tuition for thcse eourcs will De merely nominal, only $2 bcing oharped members of the association for a oourse of 50 lcssons and $1 for a course of 25 lessons. The cost of oach additional course, aftcr the tirst, will be onlv half that of the tirst one. Young men not members of the Association may take these courses, the cost to them being just doublé the tuition chftrged niombers. Thus a membor of the association can take any tvvo of the above courses at a uost of only three cents a Leeaon. Tliese oourses will begin Oct. I, and will close during' the early part of April. A )rinted announcement explaining the entire work of the association in will be out nrt weck. Por further particulars cali on or addregs tho ;enoral aecretary, B. B. Johnson, Y. M. ('. A. rooms. Office houi-s frora 7 to 11 every evening.


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