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Edited by Mra, A. B. Van Valkenburg . Press Superintendent. In order to aecoramodate those attehding Conference, therc will be a V. C. T. U. business meeting tliis aftcrnoon at 3 o'clock in the vestibule of the Methodist church. Miss Willard and Miss (iordon will sail from Southampton, Sept. 21st on the stearner Nev York. The uneompromising enforeoment of the Sunday closing law in New York has brouftht the saloon-keepers to submission, and they have announced their readiness to o boy the law. Before the enforeement of the exclse law in New Yoi-k, Sunday wasalwayg a buey day in the emergency wards of the hoápitate. The most of the cases brought in were men Injured In bghts in saloons, or by accidents. because bein; under the influeDce of liquor they were unable to take care of themselves. Sunday is now the quiotest day of the weck. The Pullman company being subject to the law of the state or eounty through whieh their cara run, the samo as other liquor Bellers, it has been dCided in a test oase in Wyomlng that thoy run bo requlred to take out licensc for eaeh eounty through whiehtheears nm. The result been the stopping of the sale of liquors in all thoir cara in that state. What has been dono thero muy bo dono in all licensed states. Mr. Crittendon, tbc toonder of the Florence Crittendon rescue homos, is about to make a tour of the United Statos in the interest of these homes. Ete and his party will travel in bis privato car, "Good New." He wül stop at the largeclties from three to ten days where evangellstio services will be held and missions and homes establlshed. Ninteen mieaiona devoted exclusively to the taving of fallen women have boon oponed thrjugh liis eflorts The teativities at KaBtnor Castte and Fieigate Priory,attendant opontheooming of age oí Mr. Pomerset, only chilfl and heir of Lady Senrj Somerset, and which Involvod well nigh two thousand guests, .'tv oonducted without the use of intoxicaiing liquors in any form. All honor to Lady llenry Btomeraet for her Btaunch adherenee to prino and all honor to the greal public thai as to ooraprehend the reasonablenesa ofwomen1 work to advance the oause of a olear brain and steady band. nmv ui: began. A man was sitting in a saloon with an old battered hat on his head, a Bhort black pipe in his mouth, a dirty shirt and ragged clothea, and roddel shoes on Ms [eet. But hu had Q'ot always been like that: he had soen etter days once. As he lookod out .of saloon door he saw two clean ittlc children como for their father's jcet'. As soon as they were outsido the door the little jriil took a drink from he jug while her little brother waited patiently for his turn. The poor drunkard looked at them very sailly, and hen said with a sigh, "Ah, that's how I beg-an, and I cannot leave off now." THE WA Y TO TUK I'OOR-HOUSE. A physician was walki-ng along a oad in the country ono day. An old nan met him who had a bottle of whiskey sticking out of his pocket. "Is this the way to the poor-housc, sii-V' asked tho old man, pointing: in the direction in which he was walking. "No sir," said the physician, "but this is," - laying his hand on the bottle of whiskey.


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