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"Where is the moneyof the country'.'" sereams a finanoial exchange. Biest f wc know, but to clear us of suspieïon, we vvill state that a Webster man with 21 children has been caught that he was going to take the "huil fam'ly and his grandmother to the Washtenaw fair." H. V. Xewkirk displays a relie 150 oíd in the Savings Bank window. He will give a three month's subscription to the Leader to the person euessïnj; what the relie is. - Dexter Ieader. O, he has -is it possible! - that early bustle of Susan B. Anthony. Se lid on your Leader. Crime is beginning to bc punished as it ought to be. In Braneh eounty. a man was fined $K! for misusing a dog, and an Ann Arbor man had to pay $2 for whipping his wife. Sunday bathing has received a set back at Whitmore Luku. The Ann Arbor Courier says: "George H.Wiaalow'a six-year-old boy cut his foot very badly Sunday, whilc wadiní in the water. An arterv tras cut and thc little fellow nearly bled to death." ThaArgussays in its report of the Whitmore Lake picnic, "when Mr. I'eters stopped, on motion of Mr. Waldron, V. Rail wa electod president for the ensuing year." And did the silent man stop on motion of Mr. Waldron? What is virtually the "curfew" ordinance, may be passed at Ann Arbor. A n ordinance it offered, to restrain boya iinder Bisteen fiom running aboutthe streets aftcr 8 o'cloek, standard time. Happy would it be it the "ourfew" ordinance could be slapped to some of those boys' dada ! It has been discovered at the l'nvrersity that tho longitudinal measurement oí a diptheria baeillus is one 25lOOOth of an inch long. Wooh!vhata critter to meet in the niyht. The Grass Lako News cheors its readers uith a complete list of those who sleep in the local cemetery. The list lilis ix columns.


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