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WOMEN KNOW, THAÏ , "SCHRAGE'S $1,000,000 : : :' Rheumatic Cure," is Hu best mi Earth, as thousanda of letters ofpraisi in mirpossession tettify. 2%ey om quick to agpreciate a nood thina and always do tin hnjimj tor "" famüy. We have tnany excellent refereneea in Michigan, perhaps yon hnow .-nut of Ham. Write i"-day. _ ri ,■ f i' Is, Swanson Rheumatic Cure Go., 167 Dearborn St, Chicago, III. This lady is buying Lace. She is abla to purchase an abundant supply of OLD EN6LISH POINT LACÈ, the very finest to be had, and her good womaniy judgment enables her to select the choieest, and all because she has. of late, been buying heiGROCERIES OF W, F. LODHOLZ. Have you ever figured up how much you pay for groceries during the course of a year? ïry it'and you will be astonished. This lady has a small family yet her groeery bill amounts to over $250.00 PER YEAR. By savinf.' let u.s say 10 per cent. on that sura she has a nice little margin with which she can indulge her taste for some of the luxuriea of life. This week her aaving Is being invested in a piece of BEAUTIFUL LACE. Lady readers, would you not like a little extra each week to invest in a bit of China, a pieoe of silverware, a pretty picture? You can have it just as well as not. All you need to do is to purehase your groceries of LODHOLZ- N0. 4 BROADWAY. HE MANIM.K.s NoTIIING BUT THE BEST. T0 NIÁGARA FALLS The Michigan Centra! will run a Grand Excursión W ITH SPECIAL TRAIN t SATÜRDAY, SEPT. 14th, 1895 ROUND TRIP FROM ANN ARBOR Only $5.00. A.M Train T.eaves Jackson S 30 " " Chelsea 9 10 " " Dexter 9 21 " " 8oio 9 27 " " Delhi 9 31 ' " Ann .irbor U 41 " " Geddea 9 51 " " Vjisilanti 10 00 V. M. " Arrivés Niágara Falls 6 30 Tickets good ffoing on above traia (inly. to return not later than September 20th on anv train exoepting Nos. 15 and L9. II. V. RAYES, Agent. ' Michigan Central Depot. Probate Order. STATIC OF MICHIGAN, I (' v uk Wasmiknaw. r ' i, :; -s-ion of thu Probate Court for the County of Washtciiaw, holden at róbate Ortiee in the C'ity of Ann Arbor, on Priday, the 6th day of September, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-tive. Present, .). Willard Babbltt, .ludge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of J. Austin Scoti. deoeasod. Evart H.Scott exeeutorof the last will and testament of said deceased, conjea into court and representa tliat he is now o ren Jer his tiiial account as such executor. Thereupon it is orde red, that Tuesday, the s;l' day of October next at ten o'clock la the forenoon, be aigned tor the examining and allowing such int, and that thi :ees and heirs-at-law "f said deceased, and all persons Interested in said estáte, ir'1 required to appear a: a eeesion of -,aiil Court, t ii-ti ti be bolden at the i 'róbate office, In the 'lty of Ann Arbör, in sald ounty, and - se, if anv there b, why said account should t allowed. And h is further or. thai Baid executor give notice persons tnterested in said esti of the pendenoy of Baid account, and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy ut' this order to be published In the A Abboh Beqisteb, a Dewspaper lirinted and circulatiog in said county three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing. .1. W'II.I.AKI) BABBITT, A trua co] Judge of Probate. W. G. DOTY, Probate Ilegister. 84


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