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DR. A. KENT HALE, Physician and Surgeon GENERAIi l'H.KTKi:. „ft:! """'io"u' Office, Hamilton Bik., üftii-c Hours:- lOto n.j rinnr J2a. m. 7 to i p. m. ZltQ rlOOl. CHEAP EXGURSIONS VIA Missouri Pacific Ry. AND Iron Mountain Route, TO THE West, South and South West, Laiirfs For Sale In Ar kan sas. Texas, and Pecas Vallev N. M, Through Pullman Buffet And Tout-ist Sleepers To Texas and California, Daily From Chicago. WRITE TO H. D. ARMSTRONG, T. P. A, Mo. Pac. Ry. J.V KM, MICH. OWEN & ELECTRIC p PEL I Trade Mark-Dr. A. Owen FOR MEN AND WOMEN Tho latest and on'.y scientiüc and practical Electric Belt made, for general use, producing a genuine curreiit of Electncity, for the cure i oí dlsease, that can be readily felt and regulated bota in quantity and prwer, and applled toanypartof the body. It can be wora at any I time durlng working hours or Eleep, and WILL POSITIVELY CURE .HctdüafciÍM,., BHEl'MATISM JM"JuflmEBBpc: ma A Ir J E xSCIL aiMtaÜ.iWS'M :' ' oiseases %OË JSPSF VARICOCEIiB ítPA-.í? SEXIAL WEiKMESS flOP IMPOÏENCÏ ''! KIONEY UISEASES WITHOUT MEDICINE Electrlcity, properly applled, is fast taking ihe place of drugs for all Nervous, Rheumatlc, Kidney and Urinal Troubles, and will effect cures in seemingly hopelcss cases wliere every other known means has f ailed. Any Bluggish, weak or diseased organ may by this means be roused to healthy activity before it is too late. LeadinK medical men use and recommend the Owen Belt in their practice. OUR LAR6E ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE Contains f ullest inf ormatlon regarding the cure of acute, chronic and nervous diseases, prices, and how to order, in English, Germán, Swedish and Norwegian languages, will be railed, upon appllcation, to any address for 6 cents postage. The Owen Electric Belt and Appliance Co. MAIN OFFICB AND ONLr FACTORY, The Owen Electric Belt Bldg., 201 to 211 State Street, CHICAGO, ILL. e The Laroesl Electric Belt Estab,,shn:nt n the World BASKETS! Jf'ILlA) ff BASKETS of all kinds. SPECIAL SIZS8 AJTD 8BAPB8 MADE TO ORDER. BSASONABLB BATES. i'in nvi(,i:it, 45 Wall Street.


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