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BIG PROFITS Small Investments. Returñing prosperity will make" many rieh, hut nowhore can they make so miu'h witliin siu-h a short time as by succossful Speculation in Grain, Pro.7isions and Stock. C I il FR EACH D0LLAR INVESTED can be made by our vlü Systematic Plan of Speculation orlginated by as. All suooessful speculators opérale on a regular system. It is a vcll-known fact that therc are thousands of men in all parte of the United States who, by systematic trading through Chicago brokers, make large amounts cvery year; ranging from a few thousand dollars for the man who in' vests a hundred or two hundred dollars up to $50,000 to $100.000 or more by those who invest a few thousand. It is also a fact that those who make the largest profits from comparatively small investments on this plan aro persons who live away from Chicago and invest through brokers who thoroughLy understand systematic trading-. Our plan does not risk the whole amount invested, on any trade, but covers both sides, so that whether the market rises or falls it brings a steady profit that piles up enormously in a short time. Wrlte For Conihuint Proofa, also our Manual on successful speculation and our Daily Market Report, full of monev-making pointers. AU Free. Our Manual explains margin trading fully. Highest references in regard to our standing andsu For further information address 241-242 Rialto Building, CHICAGO, HL


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