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Michigan's Foreign Population Increasing

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Secretary of State Gardner has ïssueil advance sheets of a bulletin showing the parent-nativity of the inhabitaiits of Michigan, July, 1SI4. Of the total population 1,670,786 were nutive. and 570,855 foreign born. Of the native inhabitants 850,198, or 50. SÜ per cent. were males, while of the foreign inhabitants 310,342, or 54.36 per gent, wére inales The number oarents are both BSÍKSjS í.92 per aent, thé nümber whose pSrènQ are both foreign-born 46.20 per cent, and the number whose parents are one native and the other foreign-born is 1 1.88 per cent of the total number reported. The number of inhabitants with native parents, to each 1,000 of population, was L72 lesa in 1894 than in l sTO. In each 1,000 inhabitants, the total of foreign parentaye was -t 1:2 in léíO, 547 in 1890, and 584 in 1884. Comparing the state by sections, in each 1,000 inhabitants, the numbur whose parents are both native is. in the southern section, 498; central, 305; northern. 353; upper península, .'13. The number whose parents are both foreign is, in the southern counties, 31)0 toeach 1.000; central, 493; northern, 514; upper península, 7113.


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