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Dun's aya Tnere is no real reaction In businass Gatns whlou were recognied as temporars are vanlshing.but there rcmains a decided lncrease over last year at date. a.tnough prtcej average 8.Í per oeñt luwer than a year ago. It needs no keen observer toseethat the renetten ■ rapid advanoe or prioes is f"'ÊRdeawere me Brst lo raise, but a decjded Dreak has come and other prodycta are followiii" Wheat lumped over 3 e tu 8 o, but Is now gïowotaale below6 o. Woolwas lateinrUmg, Dut has loat ubout an elghth of a cení in averute prices w.thin the ist fortnight Iron still ns"s the Michigan minera strike haring hindered the ghipmenw of ore. but witjh troop guarding the ore beglns to move. Cotton is strong but has paused. The general tendenoy to .-urtail purchaae where prioes havo noiably adVanced growa olearer ui buots and Bhoes, m wool andin some products of iron. Cppoer la alsoashade weakei wlth large uppue. In ioi and shoe industry many shops are dia: manufacture a few worKS are closin ror want of orders, lhe cotton manufacturing lias ralsed oottonanda stronk' market to help. but there la a chance of , forhigner wages. l ne brlgbtest re In all the horizon is the eertaintjr ihat , tormo is i :■"■" i-; a sina 1 traction and the surplus wjll eo Into the manufacture o cause u the preseat low prlce i'nrrr is no othr profrcorn Thelatesl reportsol Ing Induced ea '" rield. and wlth the great tlie supply wlil exteed all Germany celebrated the battle of Sedan wiui junposinK parades and moniesat l&rlin, ïwo score American veterans ol the Franco-German war were uiven the piar" of honor in the parade and were greeted individually by Emperor William. The London Chronicle Bays that adrices .■,-.-ivf(l froin st. Petersburg are to the eflíct that Bussian pólice have discovered a wide-spread plot against the life of the ezar and other membera oí the Imperial family. Soine oí the leaders were qnietly arrested. Bombs, arm-, and revolutionary pamphlets hare been seized by the pólice of Moscow.


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