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A lilAT KXPENÏÏ To Carry on an Almost Helpless Figlit - At Last the Fight is Over. CFrom the Battle Creek Jfoon.) Our representative called at 26 Battle Creek Avenue, the residence of S. I. Rob bins.and in an interview withhim bronght out the followiug facts: Mr. Robbins tells of bis wife's experience in a manner thftt carries conviction witli liis words He says-. "I am sorry my wife is not at home this P. M., but no one knows better than I how she has suffered during past vean. For tweuty ycars she has been aflïicted with the various forras of kidney oomplaint and an enlargement of the liver. She was of ten conflned to her bed for more than two weeks at a time suffcring untold agony. She has doctored constantly, and I have paid out in doctors' bilis for her alone as much as $900.00, and then her re lief was only such that she would be able to be around for a spell. Some time ago she feit the, symptoms of another attock coming on, such as a pain in through the kidneys and back. I hardly know what induced me to get a box of Doan's Kidney Puls, instead of sending for the family physician; however, I got some and she commenced their use. It was a surprise tí U bcíh tö Sêö their action ; the attack u is warded off, and she continued taking them with raarked improvement each day of their tise. 8he Is better now than she lias been in years, the paiu lu the back and others in the kidneys have entirely gone. Hardly a day goes by that we do not mention the great good Doan's Kidney PiHs have done her. I was ahvays opposed to patent medicines, but confess that my wife's experience with Doan's Kidney Pilis has done much to change my opinions. If it were not for those pills she would not have been able to be out this aftiTnoon. Doan's Kidney Pills for sale by all dealers - price, 50 cents. Mailed by FosterMilburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., solé agenta for tht U. S. Remember the name, Doan'a, and take no other. . ■ ; Ú JUST RECEIVED! .! u In ' ■ I TOOTH i BRUSHES Tho are of (lood Qiuditi and cheap. Fully If'tirmntt'd to ifë stand thts wear and tesr Ihey are Jicniitie.t to look at, too. I B. & M. DRUG STORE, 46 MM TH STATIC ST, 1 ,000,000 People Wear lWXJouglasShoêsi sheawnedo $on,i% $5.oo jX $3-00 $4.00 f :3 $2.50 $3.50 J $2.00 $2.50 T $l.T5 $2.25 ■jéLJb ForBoíS ForMen_ '" W aill TonttS Vi.-ir W. I. IXmsIa shoc and aif rrom ffiKS2?iffissarLë3 ón '. iriiuitl. BBOOKTO, Mass. 8oki by H. iti:itiAur. CESS-POOLS -AND- WATEL CLOSETS CLMANED. Cese-Pools 2i cents per eubic foot. do per cubic foot, or by the j"1 ■ ;d Rige, Sotisfoctton Guaarinti ni. JACOB BEX, etivdeu n. . iit aiiJ liiv.r. 13 Beat ('ooiib Syrup. Tantes (ool. Use H


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