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Lindenschmitt & Apfel

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CORN at a PREMI Un faflñ FÏEE TO YOU LL? X.lll LINDENSCHMITT&APFEL %IJ& J The Thorou{?h Roliable Clothers offer this amount and will distribute the same in the following " "" i - t,m iiMjjji. TO THE FARMERS who will briug to oür store between the flrst day of September and the first day of November. 1895, the Best Five Ears of Corn we will give the follöwing premiums: FIRST PREMIUM. SUIT OR OVERCOAT WORTH - - $15.00 SKCUNI) PREMIUM. SUIT OR OVERCOAT WORTH - ■ $10,00 THIRD PREMIUM. SUIT 0R OVERCOAT WORTH - - $5.00 i will r,,st ,,i, i ,, lomo fee, mili r wiÜ you kan In buij anything nf ut in order tu compete. All the corn broughi io im wiÜ be tbld and the -proceedx nf same giren for Library purposes lo i h' district school coming to Hu rui run School 1" ín a loadxoüh the finest trimmed wagon beaHnga LINDE NSt'HMlTT & APFEL Banw r. TSvery farmerin Washtenaw County shtruild bring 6 earsofhis choicest cornil for no "til r parpo than to fu lp a worthy eau . Of f"(iw somebódy wüü gel (fu prerriwina, 37 8. Main stbeet. ctothiers and Hatters.


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