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Chronic Malaria

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If there is anv One disc ase above all other which tends to raake a person ■able it la otaronte malaria. In the place of the clear skin and sparklnig eyes of rnanhood, itwithersand dbcolorsthe skin and dull eyes. It produces a fretful. irritable disposition by setting up Inceasant headaches, deranging nearly all the organa and generally debllitating the patiënt, The mouth tastes bad, the breath is ofensivo, the tonguo is coated, chilly rigors creep up and down the gpine, and it seems that cverything which tecds to make life agreeable is oxaetly reversed. It isknown the world over that qttij nine is theremedy generalij' used which rarely talla to cure acute malaria; dui it is as certainly known that quinine does not cure the chronlc fortn, as it continúes year after yearjto wear out the patience and strength of the victim. There is a remedy, however, which is known to permanently remove the disagreeable s.ymptoms of chronic malaria. This remedy is known as Peru-na, and it can be procured at any drug storo. It is the only remedy which will cure the chronic form of malaria without injury to the patiënt. A medical book devoted to this disease, its sytnptoms, causes and cure will be sent free to all who ask for it by ThiJ Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Company of Columbus, Ohio.


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