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WQRKING GIRLS. "mLLING, ABLE, AND AMBITIOUS, But Often Held Back by an Illness They do not Understand. [SPECIAL TO OTIE LAIV RKADFR8.T A young and intelligent workintr-sirl of Brooklyn, N.Y., graphically pictures the working-girl's Ufe. _ Day in and day out, vC' month after month, sZfWn she toils. Shc is the AÏSliSS bread-winner of the SHf family, and must ?PwL&" W work that othors vfK I may live. Kain 'Vf VV or shine, warm áf V V or cold, she must W I v ) get to her place i 1 of employment Hy. i 1 Y sharp on time. ígrf 1 ƒ With tlie í0LJS?fiA i shine and ''mPZ W I ness all crushed êkkèsJK out of her Ufe. mê f she goes on =■ """TFj til she f al Ís. %Br Oh! this pie2- tures only one of thousands. Some work in cramped positions, but the great mijority of working girls, so to speak, live on their feet. Among the latter the symptoms of female diseases are early manifested by weak and aching backs, pains in the lower limbs aml lower part of the stoniach. The " monthly period" is irregular: with some profuse, with others a cessation. The sure symptom, leucorrhoea, is present, and with faintness, weakness, loss of appetite and sleep. Sbe may be sure that a womb trouble assails lier. Sbc knows not where to go for aid. Miss Jlary Smylie, of 207S Susquehanna Avenue, Kcnsington, PhiladelVegetable SL 1%#1! jfo Coinpound. f iSP g WS O am a SS w ? y' 5 girl, and must xj V !S c bly from ' fcSPgPj' ful menstrua-uyOw- tion and kiduey trouble; and my Lead was so dizzy I could bardly see. I began to take your Lydia Pinkham's Compound some time ago. It was highly recommended to me by a inenü. Now I feel like a different girl : no more acbes and pains. I am praising it to every one. Our Druggist sells lots of it. Magazine Always up To Date is the one ]r ui-i'ssivo wom m want. To help tocwk, eat, s --rvo a:id livo well is the eilief ai n of Table Talk the American authorltyon oulinary and household topics. H treats of the i'.'iiiidiii'i's aii'l aecejsities of the table as well as Lts luxuriea and dainties. [t givesthfiiatesi recipes and fashions; menu for weddlng9, ret-eptions, dinaers, eard pai'tics, an ■ all special occasions We have made arrangements with tho manufa.'l1 r s of the jfenuine and famous Do longHookand Eye, by which even one of our readers mav obtain a liberal supplj for their us.'. The manufacturfcl öesiring to introduce thisnewesi lnvention for the dreas Into every citj and towo in tlie United States, havo UK-lcki it DO88iblf for is to make the [ollowing Liberal Offer We wil) 8end as a premium, one gnss !- dozen) o these genuine and famous De Long Hooks and - [retail val: now subacriber to this magazine. Positively you have the genuine DE LONG Patent Hook and Eye ïf you see on the face and back of every card the words f See that ?V% humpf'W THAO-MAK REO. APft. It-la., ÏUV Richardsot. L fcy & De Long Bros., , 2' 0 Philadelphia. Subscription Price, $1.00 Per Year. Addreac, TAKLI: TALK PI 11LISII1M. CO. ; 13 CbcBtnnl Street. i'Ii-ic''-"u, la


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