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FB3 YOBR OÜT1N6 60 Tfl PICTÖBESQUï PIHGKlNflC ISLHND. ONE THOUSAND MILES OF LAKE BID6 AT SMALL EXPENSE. Visit this Historical Island, whicli is the grandest Bummer resort on the Great Lakes. It only costs about $13 from Detroit; $15 from Toledo; $18 from Cleveland, for the round trip, including meals and berths. Avoid the heat and dust by traveling on the D. & C. floating palaces. The attractions of a trip to the Mackinac regicn are unsurpassed. The island itself is a grand romantic spot, its climate most invigorating. Two new steel passenger steamers have just been built for the upper lake route, costing $300,000 eacli. They are equipped with every modera convenience, annuncmtors, batb rooms, etc., illuminated throughout by electricity, and are guaranteed to be the grandest, largest and safest sfcamera on f resli water. These steamers favorably compare with the great ocean liners in construction and speed. Four trips per week between Toledo, Detroit, Alpena, Mackinac, St. Ignace, Petoskey, Chicago, " Soo," Marquette and Duluth. Daily between Cleveland and Detroit, and Cleveland and Put-in-Bay. The palatial equipment makes traveling on these steamers thoroughly enjoyable. Send for illustrated descriptiva pamphlet. Address A. A. Schaütz, G.P. A., D.&C. Detroit, Mica. O ■ BI J I weaKness easlly cured by ÏS r 1 1 A Dr. Miles' Nerve Piasters. AU druggists uuaianoee Ui. Miles' Pain nj A A lm ooocanes jÊ The new Stencil Process Printer wíl ui'iki .'.mm copies ut' a xcritien or typenritten original. Anyone can use it. l'rin $10 l')i. The Lawson Simplex Printer simple, ckeap, effective - vill rnake 100 copies fwm pen-writtcn original, or 76 copies frorn typewriting. Aro trnshii ■'- quiïred. Price, ÍS ío ÍÍÉ. SendorctreÍK ■.-■. LAWTON & CO., -O Vcxry t., New Vork, City. Lumber! Lumber ! Lumber ! lt you contémplate building cali at FERDON Lumber Yard COR. FOURTH AND D :POT STS. And got your iijjfures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture aur own Lumber and guaran tee VERY LOW PRICES ! Give us a cal] we wil] mako it to your interest, as our largo and well graded stock fully sustains our assertion. JAME.5 TOLBERT, Prop. T. J. KEECH, Supt. I FRANKLIN MUS? DETROIT MICH. It is well before leaving home, whether for business or pleasure, to decide upou a hotel an 1 thereny avoid confusión. Wheu you visit Detroit we would b Ïleased to have you stop at the old 'Franklin Houwe," cor. Lamed aud Bates Sts , where you villhaveagood meal and a clean bed at moderate rates. The house has been renovated f rom top to bottoin, and is now in first-class condition. Kespectfully, H. H. JAMES. Meals, 35c. Lodglngs, 60. Fer Day, SI. 50. HÜMPHRBYS' Dt. Hamphreyi' Bpedfla m M-lrntlflcally and carcfully prepan J EtemedlM, qsed fur feta 'n private prai-üv koA i-r over thirtv yi'ürs hy the people wtth ottre racceac. Bvepy Ingle BpecUK a special cure for the dlaeaM Damed. (Jo. I i RKI 1- Fcvrrn, atlon.. .'J-J t - Wormfli 'lrm Ferver, Worm OoBoi... .iw 3- Trrthiua! co'.lc, Crylng, Wskafulnees .'5 4- Dinrrlii'.T. of ChUdren or Adulta ■' 7-C'ouitliH. Colds, Brouchltla -' 8- Neuriilarin, Toet!, i b ! 9-Hcadachi's, ck Eeedaehe, Vértigo ■'-{ 1 0 Dywpepill. Ipatloc. j 1 1- Hnpprevseii "i" 1';h:.''m1 Pi-riods ■ -' íi Whltea. Too Frofi ' i 13- Cruui), I.arynuil:. ! ' 14-Salt lChcuni. Eryatpelaa, Eruptkwa.. .'- 14- lihfuiiiiuiMiii, Palris W 16- Malaria, ('hllls, ! ue 19-('utiirrh. Infltu-nza, Colrt In Ote 20-WhoopinK ohkIi '■{ S7- Kidney Dlaeaaea ' 28_rïoll Dcbiliiy !-," 30- I'rinary WcakoMt '-:' 34_ SorfTbroiil, Qm ,T):r"i' '■ ii Nbv ïpecific i or orür, ta Pinu-.-la-n of picasant youl j,'K:ket. Sold ! Dritnctif. ar Kil p Dv Bnnuii t BDBFHRKT8 XMl.lll., 111 t llsnilllam II.. KW""


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