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Takc Yoiir Siiiiuinr aatioii Trip to Colorado aud Veil lonc Park. The Burlington route will run special car. personally conducted tours to Colo■ado and the Yellowatone Park. leavng Chicago June 2ii. August 7 and 14. rirst-class sewrice. Low rate, includng all expendes. Por deseriptive pamphlet, apply to T. A. Grady, Manag-er, 211 Clark St, Chicago. 81 Keal i;iair tor Sale. CÍTATE OF MICHIGAN i JOOÜHTTOI Washtexaw. I In the matter of the estáte of Harriet Wright, deceased. Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of an order granted to Jerome A. Freeman, administrator of the estáte jf said deceased, by thK Hon. Judge of Probate for the County of Washtenaw, on the lOth day of July, A. D. 1894, ;here will be cold at public vendue, to ;he highest bidder, at the East front door of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, in the County of Washtenaw n said state, on Wednesday the twentyfifth day of September A. D. 1895 at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day (subect to all eucutnbrances by mortgage or otherwise existing at the time of the death of said deceased) the following described real estáte, to-wit: Beginning at a point nine chaina and seventeen(17) links east of the quarter stake between sections twenty-one and ;wenty-eight in township two (2) south range six (6) east: thence east along ;he line three (3) chains and fourty-two 42) links; thence south at right angles 'our (4) chains and ftifty (50) links to the north boundary line of the right of way of the Michigan Central Railroad Company; thence westerly , along the north line of said railroad three (3) chains and sixty-four (64) links, thence north three (3) chains and twenty-eight 28) links to the place of beginning, con;aining one and one-half acres more or ess, all being in said city of Ann Arbor. Also one acre off the west end of the lollowing described land on section ;wenty-eight (28) in said city,bounded on ;he east by the Huron river, on the south by the Michigan Central Railroad's right of way, on the north by the river road, and on the west by land deeded by Edwin Lawrence and wife to Chauncey G. Orcutt by deed dated March lst 18G2, and recorded in liber 49 of deeds on page 350 in the Register's office of said Countv. All said land ing in the City of Arm Arbor, in aaid county of Washtenaw. Dated Aug. ótn, 1896. O. E. BfTÏERFIELD, 82 Administrator de bonis non IIortíage Sale. Default having been made in the conditions of payment of a certain roortgage made on the K!th day of May A. D 1891 by John I'tisterer and Mary his wife, to The Farmers and Machanics Bank; whereby the power of sale therein contained has become operative which mortgage uas recorded in the of the Register of Deeds in the County of Washtenaw on the 13th day of May aforesaid. in Liber "tiof Mortgaes on page 'l'-' and on which said raorteage there is elaimed to be due at the date of thia notice the sum of thir hundred and seventy-flve dollars and no proceedinge at law or in equity haring been instituted to oollect the said sumoi money or any part thereof. Now Therefon Notia Is ereby given that on the 2d day of November 1 !"), at eleven o'olock, a. in. at the south Iront door of the Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor, state of Michigan, the said mortgage will be foreelosed and the landstand tenants in the saiü mortgage mentioned and deseribed will be sold at public auetion or vendue to the highestj bidder to satisfy the principal and interest of the said mortgage and the costs of and expenses of these proceedings inehuling an attorney 'a fee oi thirty provided for therein. The lands tenements and premises in the said mortgage conveyed and then to be sold are deseribed as follows: All that certain pieee or parcel if land sitúate in the City of Ann Arbor. in the County of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, to-wit: Commencing at the north-east corner of land owned by Kugene Osterlin on the south side of Huron streel betweenAllen Creek and Jewetts addition, thenee south along Osterlin's land. cight rods to Mrs. El land. thenee east along Biseles land four rods, thenee north eight rods to Huron Streeti thenee west four rods to place ÓÍ beginning, all on sectior twenty-nine tovvn twOBOHth, range six Dated, Ann Arbor. August 6th, 1895. Farmebs & MECHANica Bank, Mortgagee. E. B. NORRis, Attorney for Mortgagee. 88 Morlííage !aic Default having lieen made in the conditiona of a Mortarage executed by Thomas H. Geer to Philip Leonard. for' the purehase money for the premises hereinafter deseribed, whieh mortgage bears date September 17th, A. D. 1883, and is recoi'ded in the office of the 1 legister of Deeds for Washtenaw county, Michigan, on the 20th day of September, A. 1). 1883 in Liber (2 of Mortgages on page 565, by which default the power of Bate contained In said mortbecame operative, and no suit or proceeding in law or equity having [nstituted torecover the debt secured by Baid mortgage or any part of. 'and the sum of twenty-fonr hundred nineteen and Bfty-three onhundreds dcllars (tó,419 53) baing now -ft t, be due on said mortgage, DOtice Is therefore bereby glven that said mortgage wil] be foreelosed by a ,,f i,,, mortgag' íes therein nut! part thereof, to-wit: All of the following deseribed land Bituated in the city of Ann Arbor, in the county of Washtenaw, in the if Michigan, viz: Lot commeneing at the north-eas) corner of lot No. oi blocK No. tWO - nOTth of Huron ,-treet. In r. No four i) east, running thenee south thirty-tivc 35) fee) on the eaat line of lot, thenee running west aixty-sut eet parallel with the north line of gaid lot, 1 liei ee runnina north parallel with theeast li r said lot thirty-flve ,m the north line of Paid lot Bixty-sii! ('É'(; feet to the nlace of beginning, at publio vendue on Priday the Eleventhdfty of October, A. D. 1895, at 10 oVlock in the forenoon, ,. eaei front door of the i Hou.y of Ann Arbor. m saic, county of Washtenaw. that being the place' of holding the Circuit Court of said eounty. d, July 8th, A. D. if 1 'Hl LIP LEOXABD. Mortgagee. NOAH W. CHEEVER, Attorney for Mortgagee. Sa nortease fcal . Whereas, default has been made in the payment of the money secured by a mortgage dated 12th day of May in the year 1883 executed by Warren Babcock, Mary A. Babcock, Frank Babcook and Eftie Babcock, his wife, of Milán. Washtenaw County, Michigan, to Margare! Kearney, of the City of AnnArbor, Washtenaw County and 3tate of Michigan whioh said mortgage was rotí)rded in the office of the Register of Doeds of the County of Washtenaw in Liber (i4 of mortgages on page J-T'.) on the 13th day of May A. D. 189."j at 1 1 :U." o'clock a. m, of said day. And whereas. the amount claimed to be due on said mortgage is the sum of two thousand one hundred and six and twenty-seven hundredths dollars (B2,10(.27i of principal and interest and the further sum of twenty-fïve dollars as an attorney fee stipulated for in said mortgage, and which is the whole amount claimed to be due and unpaid on said mortgage and no suit or proeeedinej having been instituted at law or in e ty to recover the debtnovv remaining secured by said mortgage or any part there of,whereby the power of sale contained in said mortgage has become operative. Now therefore, notice is hereby given.that by virtue of the said power of sale, and in pursuance of the statute in such case made and provided, the said mortgage will e b foreclosed by a sale of said premises therein desoribed at public auction, to the highest bidder, at the west front door of the Court House in the City of Ann Arbor, in said County of Washtenaw, i that being tbe place of holding the Circuit Court for said County) on the 23 day of November A.D. 1895 at lOo'cloek in the forenoonof that day; which said premises are described in said mortgage as follows, towit: All that certain pieee or parcel of land sitúate and being in the township of York, in County of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan. Commencingat the south-west corner of lot one (1) of Edwanls plat in the Village of Milan and running south sixty-one and one-half degrees east along the south line of said lot and on the north line of Front street sixty-six feet, thenee north twenty-nine and one-half degrees east parallel with west line of said lot onehundred feet,thence south sixty and one half degrees .east parallel with south line until it comea within forty-four feet of the east line, thence north-eastérly to the north-east coi-ner: thence north-weaterly along the north line to the north-west corner: thence south twenty-nine and one-half degrees west along the west line of said lot and on the east line of Tolan street to the place of beginning. Dated this 8th day of the August A . D. 18$6. Makgaret Kearney, 89 Mortgagee. fflortgage Sale. Default having been made in the conditions of a certain mortgage made by Albert F. Vanatta and Maria A. Yaii atta, his wife. to Albert L. Walker, and dated the 30th day of December L86fl and recorded in the oftice of the Hegister of Deeda of Washtenaw County Mich. on the 30th of December 1869, Liber 4'! of fylortgagea on page 11 4, which mor i a.-'_rneil by said Albert L. Walker to Alexis l'ackard oa the I3thdayof April 171 and recorded in Liber ■'! of assignmenti of mortgagea page 90, and assigned by [srael 1). l'ackara admlnlstrator of the estáte oí Alexis Packard to I'rudence l'aekard by deed of assignment, dated April 26, 1879 and recorded in Liber Ü of assignments on page 241, aml afterwards assigned by IsrEfcl I). Packard, adzninistrator of the estáte of Prudence PaekardtoChloe E. Waters by deed of assignmeat, dated the LSthdayof August 1889, and recorded in Liber 10, asslgn.menta ot mortgasjes page 27, on which mortgage there is claimed to be due at the date of this notice. the sum of seven hundred and ninety-two dollars and fonrteen cents ($702.14) and the OOSteofthis foreclosure and no suit or preceedings in law or equity having been instituted to recover the moneys Secured by said mortgage or any part thereof. Now therefore by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage and the statute in Buoh case made and provided. notice is hereby given, that uu Saturday, the 2th day of October, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, the said mortarage will be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premises at the east front door of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor (that being the place for holding Circuit Court of the said County.) The premises described in said tnortge to be sold are describ.-(I aa follows: Thirty-two acres of land from the west side oí that part of the east half of the south-east quarterof seetion nine (9), which lies north and east of the trail road (so-called) and eight and one-half acres commencing at the south-wo-t corner of the south-east quarter of said section nine (9) running thence north forty two and one-half rods, thence east thirty-two rods, thence south forty-tw? and one-half rodsand thence west to the place of beginning all in the township of Salem, Washtenaw County, Michigan. Dated, August tst, 1895. ( 'iii.oi: E. Waters, Aasignee. Thompson & Harbiman, Attorneys for Aeslgnee. 87 Imncery Sale. In pursuance iind by virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, State of Michigan, In Chaneery, made and entered on the fifteenth day of January 1889 in a certain cause therein pending wherein John EL Van Vata is oomplainant and Charles P. Coarad, Mary E. Conrad, Thomas McComb, Maria MoC 'Uil) and Dennis Warner are defendants, notice is Ii9reby giyen that I shall sell at public auction to the hitrhest bidder :it the easterly entrance of the Court I!misf in the City of Ann Arbor. State "f Miohigan, Mliat being the building in which the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw is on Wednesday the 2Sth day of September 1895 at ten o'clock in the in of said day, the following deBcribed real estáte situated in the Township of Dexter, County of Washtenaw mul state of Michigan and describod as follows, to-wit. Comipencing at the easl seetion corner common sections ) live and thirty-six and running north on the section line six rods to a stake. thence west in the direction of B BtSKe standing thirty-two rods south of the quarter post between said sectious, until it iiitersects the section line between said geotionB, thence easterly to the place of beginning. Dated August 5, 1895. ( ). Eimer liutterfield, Ciruit Court Commissioner, Washtenaw County, Michigan. 82


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