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Stop The Serenades

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The heights' cat by virtue of not only its exceptional attainments, but also of its multifarious experience, may be justly t-ntitled to the distinction of being termed a cosmopoiite, says Brooklyn Eagle. The proverbial bootjack, buzz saw. paris green decoction and dynamite bomb are incidents in his experience, which he views retrospectively with only passing emctloca oL riterest, not unmixed with pleasure. For it is recorded that he met them and conquered them hands down. Swell residents of the heights have been left at lus mercy. For a time cayenne pepper judiciously distributed into the diet ol the midnight prowlers gave the peaceful citizen a respite írom tb.e nocturnal harmonies of the love-making and argumentative animáis. But after several councils of war which involved mutual recriminations and a tangle of evidence as to the cause of their setbacks, the cats cleared up the mystery and went to work again, with a ciaar understanding and a proper plan of campaign. The day, or rather, the night of cayenne pepper was past. It was reserved for one ingenious citizen on Willow street to introduce an expedient which thus far proved to be the conqueror of the cat. The remedy was not less startling than the nuííance it was designed to abate was painful. A troop of black cats had made the rear stoop and fence of this particular citizen's residence a nightly rendezvous. Last Sunday night the felino chorus was in full swing and the debates between the singers were pltched in high tones. The leader of the uar.d wts explaining his views on the silver question, while his flrst assistant, so far as the controversy could be interpreted, was endeavoring to divert tb e ine of discussion to a considerativa of the question as to whether marriage was a failure. Suddenly an upper window opened and a stalwart arm, draped in a flowing white sleeve, made a swift movement. Something hurtled through the air. There was a crack against the fence just above the leader's head, a roar, and a blinding flash. The cats were petrified for an instant. Then carne another roar and a flasli and the cats were in full reu-rat. A cr.reful comparison of notes íubsequently led the cats to a conclusión that heavy artillery had been introdv:ced and that future operations should be abandoned. The torpedo had gained the day. It has now been generally adopted as a preventive for these night concerts.


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