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Bear's Faithful Vigil

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A hunter who was hunting in the back portion of Harrison county, Mississippl, at Daisy, some thirty miles from Scranton, came upon the corpse of a man, over which a large white bear was crouching. The bear growled and rushed on the hunter, who ftred, killing the animal. The body was found to be badly mutilated, but not devoured. The hunter reported the matter, and it was found that the dead man was Joseph Souquet, a Frenchman, recently from New Orleans, who was traveling through the country with a tame dancing bear, giving exhibitions. The hunter was under the delusion that the bear had killed Souquet, but all the indications now are that the man was murdered by robbers, as the country where he was killed is wild, sparsely settled and somewhat lawless, and the sachel which he carried with Mm, and which contained a considerable sum of money, is missing. The bear was a very tame one, and, as Souquet declared, "a brother to him." It was probably watching over the body of the murdered man when the hunter came up, and mistook him for one of his master's assailants. Souquet was 25 years of age and from Marseilles, France.


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