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At half-past eleven o'elock on Monday night the Detroit M. E. conference, which had been in session in the city during the past week, closed its deliberations, received the appointments for the coming' year and ndjourned sine die The appointments for this county were as follows: Ann Arbor- Dr. G. M. Cobern. Chelsea - Carlos L. Adams. Dexter- Thomas G. Potter. Dixboro - Eugene M. Moore. Manchester and Sharon - David TT. Yokum. Milan- H. F. Shier. Saline - Eugene Yager. Salem - William H. Benton. Stony Creek -Benoni Gibson. Willis- Reuben Kmery. Whitmore Ldke 'and Hamburg- H. W. Hicks. Ypsilanti- E. W. Ryan. The appointmeüts received an abnormal shaking up this year in all the districts. More than half fhe ministers were changed. Monday's conference busine&s was perhaps the most important of the session. The amendments relativo to the admission of women to the general conference of the church were voted on, and the women won an easy, but none the less significant victory. The Baltimore-Colorado amendment, providins for the admission of women carried by the vote of 185 to 9. The ratio of the clerical representation in the general conference was reducid, from one for every fort.v-five preachers to one for every sixty-five. It was unanimously voted not to divide the Detroit and Michigan conferences, and the adverse committee report was adopted. The report of the statistical secretary was read on Monday, and showed that the number of members cf the church in this conference had increased this year by 2,807, the total vp.embership being 46,(i4. The colleotions for foreign missions have decreased during the year just closed by $1,377. However, most of the home collections have increased to a small extent. The mini3ters attribute the decrease in missionary monies to the hard times. Sunday was a great day for the conference. Most of the pastors were glad enough to suit and listen in comfort to a sermón by some one else. Bishop Hurst preached a soholarly sermón in the Methodist church on "Christ - the Certainty of Faith." Before the ser. men he ordained fourteen deacons to service in the church. The church was crowded to the outside doors and hundreds turned away. In the afternoon, the bishop ordained twelve elders. Friday and Saturday were days of routine business in the conference. The conference was said to be the most largely attended of any held for many years, and notwithstanding the crowd, the ministers united in praise of the comfortable manner ia which they were taken care of. Friday was especially notable for the meeting of the lay conference, which convened in the Presyterian church. The principal business transacted was the election of George O. Robinson, of Detroit, and Dr. R. S. Copeland, of Ann Arbor, as delegates to the general conference of next year. The clerical delegates elected were Dr. .T. F. Berry, of Chicago; Dr. C. M. Cobern, of this city: Dr. W. H. Shier, of Detroit: Dr. E. W. Ryan, of Ypsilanti; Rev. John Sweet, of Calument; President Fiske, of Albion; and Rev. C. T. Allen, of Detroit. The next session of the conference will be held in Flint.


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